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    2022MY Scheduling

    Uh oh. Didn't read the whole convo. I'll fill you in, to save you time. I ordered two at MSRP, no issue. Even got a 37. Previously, he said he can easily sell his for 20k more than he paid. That's where the quick search for 5k over came from. Haha
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    2022MY Scheduling

    Again, dealers are selling for MSPR all over the place. So to be happy that you are getting ripped off seems silly. Spending money is fine. Wasting money is another story. Also, quick search will let you know you can find raptors in stock right now....5k over.
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    2022MY Scheduling

    Missed my point. But ya, glad your dealer knows how to treat their customers.
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    2022MY Scheduling

    I'm seriously blown away that people are excited getting absolutely bent over by these greedy dealers. Best of luck, but damn, ouch.
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    Found a 37 package!

    Leave your bs elsewhere.
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    Can I give my order to someone?

    If it's a 37 package. I'd take it
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    Raptor 37” Allocation - 10k over

    Leave the greedy dealers off of here
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    Anyone heard an update for the 37Package or blue interior package being available for 22 orders?

    Confused on the question. But you can order the 22' with 37s and choose either the black or blue interior. One of the few changes between the 21 and 22.
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    22 Raptor Order Banks

    With the 22s order bank opening next week, why haven't we seen any updates from Ford? I know the Bronco got a new color but nothing on the raptor, seems odd. Called my dealer and he has heard nothing as well. Never had such a hard time spending 90k
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    Coming from a 2.7 Ecoboost F150 Lariat.

    Having both, 2.7 feels a lot quicker than the raptor. If you want that pep, you'll have to tune the raptor
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    Confirm order with Ford Performance

    Same. Chatted with my dealer and they are confused/upset as well, Ford has kept them in the dark for the most part. They only get paid when they sell a vehicle so they are doing what they can. But moving forward, once the 22 build sheets come out, I'll be on that as well and sounds like that...
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    Confirm order with Ford Performance

    I do not want to cancel. Just curious if Ford would cancel my order. Sounds like there is a limited number of 37s
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    Confirm order with Ford Performance

    Thanks! Do you know if my order can still be cancelled? It's been in this stage for over three weeks.
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    Confirm order with Ford Performance

    Just called to get an update and was informed my status is "Unscheduled / Cleaned - Ready to be ordered" Any idea what this means?