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Hey There..we both have leadfoots and crooked exhaust …lol. What was the fix for you ? Warranty work always seems to create more problems so I tend to see what the fix is and if I can thoughtfully address it…Cheers
hi, I don't have my 2022 yet, just ordered, I commented on the exhaust thread though....someone mentioned rotating at the clamp as an axis point to help aim it up a bit more though....I would try that first although I have done exhaust work on a lot of vehicles in the past....if uncomfortable then I would go to the dealer as it is an easy thing for them to fix
Hi…were you able to adjust your exhaust….mine was out of alignment as well…if it’s straight forward I will fix it but I wanted to see what you found…Thanks. Chris
Any updates on the brake upgrade?
None yet. SVC basically ghosted me on that and it's been painful trying to get ahold of them.