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I have a GJ Motorsport 3rd brake light. Recently I noticed that one of the two center lights is dimmer than the other. I have now discovered that the brake lights are not working. Has anyone else experienced this kind of issue and if so how did you resolve it? I have checked all the connections and they all appear to be tight. Any help would be appreciated
I bought this 2018 in January 2021. Truck has been amazing. However, it is currently in the shop for "diesel engine sounds" on cold starts. First impression of Ford service at dealership is less than desirable....I'll post dealership service address/updates once I get the truck back.....
Hey man. I saw some of your posts about trading in your raptor for the gen 3 but that you're getting them to give you a trade credit up to a year? Can you tell me more about that and how it works?
My dealer told me if I trade my vehicle in, they can hold that trade on their books for up to a year. Interestingly enough, they would have cut me check as well for the trade value, but I told them to hold it in escrow. Interest rates aren’t good enough to put it in savings anyway. So, when my truck arrives, I pay the difference of my trade plus tax on that difference.
Justin Mundy
Thanks man! I'm going to ask about that
If you want, you can send it to me and I'll ship it to you, I've done this for a few Whippled Raptor owners in Europe.