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Sold my raptor to my kids and bought a new Trackhawk that’s unreal but I really miss my truck. I plan on ordering a new Raptor when available. I might order the Raptor R . Too many unknowns to date on what to order.I love the Trackhawk power so needless to say I’m spoiled.
Need help. I would like to put 37 inch tires on 2018 Ford Raptor Stock factory wheels 17. Does anyone have any pictures or has anyone does this before? Thank you! TD
Hello, did you by chance go by the NOLA Auto lot to see if the car lot was legitimate. They have the grey 2018 raptor for sale.
Hi Craig, I'd like a decal if they are still being sent out. Thanks. Manny in Indio, California.
Craig A
Craig A
Sure thing, send me a PM and I'll get you taken care of
MX4 in the works for '21 Raptor?