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New Owner HERE of this 2022 Ford Raptor. Love it so far, wish it had a V8 but, i cant afford one. I'm happy with one.

Looking to make this an Overlander Build.

Looking for any builds with racks and tents for ideas before I start buying gear I dont need.

apriciate your help.

I hooked it up the other day and immediately my engine light came on. Also, the engine sounded weak so I reconnected thinking I did something wrong with the connection but I did not so I disconnected. bring to the shop to have them hook it up - not quite sure if I did something wrong or the engine computer is rejecting it. After I have it professionally done I will let you know the outcome.
Good Evening sir, I have a stock performance 2020 Raptor. I am interested in your timing services and would like to get some info when you have time. Thank you.
Looking for cam phasers, timing chains, gears, timing chain adjuster, gaskets gen 2 ford raptor paying out of pocket
If there is any chance you and your daughter were injured in that accident, I’d take that post down.
Thanks but you posted this to the wrong person