Ramblings of a long time Ram owner and now first time Raptor owner.

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Dec 6, 2023
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The last 24 years Ive driven Ram trucks, 4 1500's and lastly a 2500 Cummins. Sold my boat 2 years ago and had not put a trailer behind the Cummins in 2 years so it was time for a change. Wanted a smoother ride and more get up and go. Enter my new 2024 35" Raptor. Easily 95% of my driving is on the road with occasional hunting and camping trips that go off road.

Things I liked about my Rams. Never had maintenance problems with them. Interior was quality, not plastic. Hemi and Cummins motors were great. Infotanment platform, Uconnect, is solid.

Things I didn't like about my Rams. The 1500's rotary knob transmission gear shifter, sucks. Both in operation and placement. Im tall and if I slide down in the seat my right knee hits the dam shift knob cluster. Seats are not comfortable on road trips. Too many routinely functions had to be accessed in the infotainment screen which had no wear to rest and stabilize your hand so it was a bounce and poke maneuver to select controls. The new 1500 exterior design is boring.

Things I'm liking about the new Raptor. The Ride, need I say more. The motor has the giddy up I missed in the Cummins. Center console shifter, thank you Ford for not putting some dam rotary knob in the cockpit. Seats are very comfortable, bought truck out of state and drove 15 hours straight home with it and the seats are great! The platform to rest your hand on while working with the infotainment is fabulous. Buttons for commonly used items i.e. seat heat is great. Exterior styling, need i say more.

Criticisms are next, don't be offended, I love this truck. Remember the title of this thread, Ramblings.

Things I don't like about new Raptor. Interior is not at the same quality as Rams, Gear shifter while I love its not a knob has a very plastic feel to it (yes I know it is plastic). Other than that my only complaints center around Ford trying to keep me safe from myself. Doors Auto lock above 12 mph and there is no way to deselect this feature. Auto stop/start, solved with 4Dtech's eliminator and some black tape to hide that dam yellow OFF light that is in your face. While in drive if the driver door is opened the Transmission is forced into Park again no way to disable this. Lack of stability of the Sync infotainment system.

Wife has a 23 Bronco Badlands. We are have issues with the Sync system. Ive only done a couple minor Forscan changes, Bambi mode and stereo upgrades but it freaks me out playing with Forscan on a vehicle still under warranty. It also does not sound like the forscan route has been figured out in the 24's yet.

So far, stubby Antenna, Line_x bed liner, Husky rear wheel well liners, window tint, 4Dtech stop/start eliminator, Bakflip bed cover and entire truck ceramic coated. Wheels are next purchase followed by lights. Picture included because what good is a post without a truck picture.

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I’m driving a 22 Ram Rebel and I love it. I bought a 23 Raptor that my son drives, and I agree with almost all your points comparing the two. One big difference is that my Ram was a whole lot cheaper.