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  • Hey I saw you posted your bumper for sale. Looking for one in excellent condition that doesn't have any scratches, rock chips, etc that I can PPF.

    Have any more pictures of your bumper you can share? I live in Fort Worth
    I do have a bumper. I took it off the first week. I’ll take some pictures later today.

    The challenge will be getting the bumper from KC to Fort Worth
    Great Scott
    Great! And thank you. More pictures the merrier if it's not an inconvenience.

    Map says roughly 8 hrs one way. Maybe meet halfway?
    Hi I just joined a couple of days ago but I’m new to all this stuff and I’m going to really show my age here, I don’t know how to post anything other than this everyone can have a good laugh on me but I would appreciate after words if someone could help me with how to make my own post please thank you fordrat.
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