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  • Looking for fog setup for 2013 and if you have any experience with rear facing for the desert, I've seen what I think are full size lights. Not sure I need that big as I'm not racing baja, just glamis night runs in the dust
    TIA for the help
    Ordered the Rigid Radiance light kit for my 2020 Raptor along with the backlight wire after talking to John at 8:45 at night on a Sunday. My faith in customer service is once again restored!! Thank you so much for being a company that still cares for the customer.

    I started a thread in the lighting section titled "Man, you wanna talk about customer service!", but didn't know how to tag you guys properly.
    Hey John! Thank you for your response to my post! Definitely looking for more info to what you were talking about with canceling a warranty and then starting another. What all id lose coverage in and whatnot by doing so. Also curious how you think the Roush exhaust sounds on the v6? With all the aftermarket systems I’ve seen, I think I’ve only heard one that I actually enjoyed the sound of.
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