1. ShelbySVT

    GEN 1 2013 Shelby Raptor SVT Whipple'd - Need Advices on issues - Call for Help!

    Hello Everyone, I recently bought a 2013 Shelby Raptor SVT with 83k Miles on it, as a newbie to the 6.2L i need some advices to my below concerns! * Engine Overheating: I have been noticing that whenever im driving for more than 20 minutes on constant speed between 60-85 miles the engine temp...
  2. E

    Morimoto MotoControl - High-beam Issue

    Hello, I have a Gen 1, 2011 Ford Raptor that came with the original halogen headlights. I bought a used pair of OEM HID headlights and the Morimoto MotoControl so they will work with my existing headlight harness. The headlights work and I can flash the high-beams but I can't get the...
  3. tomas181

    Proud gen1 owner

    Hello everyone! I’m from Mallorca, Spain.And I’m a proud owner of a gen 1 from 2013. I bought the truck back in april and it was super clean and low miles with only 25k on it. Only mod it had is an k&n cold air intake. Recently I did the mid perch following some youtube instructions I’m a big...
  4. T

    GEN 1 Does anyone have a picture of their gen 1 with an armadillo stealth chase rack on it.

    I currently have a roll bar setup on my gen 1 but I want to change it up. I have seen a couple of pics on here with the armadillo cr1 chase rack and I like it because of the wheel mount option but I have seen someone use the wheel mount with mods on the stealth rack. I just want to see what the...
  5. D

    2014 SE GEN 1 Supercharged, lots of mods, 60k miles

    MAR 18 PRICE DROP—-NOW AT 37k$ I live 20 minutes away from Livonia Michigan across the border. Can accommodate the buyer and deliver anywhere close to Detroit area. Whipple supercharged and highly modified with all invoices attached. Over 50k in mods. All pictures including all the small...
  6. D

    Highly Modified 2014 Gen 1 Raptor

    Hey guys, So i just got this truck as a very impulsive buy as soon as it hit the market. Still a little hesitant as I usually stay away from engine mods in my vehicles, but this one was done right. Anything I should be aware of for the near future in terms of problems. I got the car checked out...
  7. C

    Gen 1 to Gen 2 Face Lift

    Hey everyone, Trying to find information for those that may have done a front end facelift/swap from Gen 1 to Gen 2 Raptor. Any info will be helpful. Looking to possibly do the swap. I like the V8 in the Gen 1 but like the front end of Gen 2, thought it would look pretty neat to do especially...
  8. Lugnut2683

    WTB: GEN 1 Fox 3.0" Coilovers - any condition

    Looking for a set of Fox 3.0" coil overs for GEN 1 Raptor. Any spring rate/condition, as I will be having them rebuilt anyways.
  9. KansasCityRaptor


    Finally picked up a Raptor. It's been a dream of mine for a while, and the dream has finally come true. 2011 6.2L, SCREW, 191K on the dash. Work completed since I got it home - Changed all the fluids, plugs, O2 sensors, Fuse 27, UCA's, wheel bearings, amber lights in the grill, shorty...
  10. Out of Line

    2013 Raptor Screw 89k miles (Maryland)

    2013 Ford Raptor Excellent Condition Big 6.2L V8 motor @ 411hp Runs strong, 0 issues Eibach leveling springs Dirty Deeds exhaust Windows tinted including windshield Bakflip tonneau cover Bedliner Tailgate step Tires are 70% AC/heated seats This thing is a tank and sounds awesome...
  11. L0L

    2010 SCAB. Rogue Racing / Icon / King / Evil Manf

    Hello everyone, I picked up a 2010 Scab 5.4L at the end of 2020 for a steal. Truck is quite built but needed some love to get it to a safe level to wheel. Truck has a long past and was owned by Rogue Racing and also Evil Manufacturing. I will update this thread randomly when I am bored at work...
  12. L0L

    New Member 2010 Scab Icon/Rogue/King

    Hello everyone, Decided I would finally make an account after lurking for some time. Name is Ryan and currently live in Socal in Idyllwild. I picked up a 2010 Scab 5.4L at the end of 2020 for a steal. Truck is quite built but needs some love to get it to a safe level to wheel. I may make a...
  13. luxuryprerunner

    Headers, Emissions, No Cats, AZ Title Transfer

    I’m doing a title transfer from Colorado to AZ. My truck has SW headers, catless custom exhaust with borla mufflers. My Scottsdale emissions center just does the OBDII port test. Do I need to have cats to even pass the visual inspection? I’m new to AZ so this will be an interesting...
  14. P

    WTB: Gen I-II shocks and struts.

    Looking for a set of front and rear shocks abs struts from a Gen I or II. Would accept OEM or OEM with geisers. Located in PNW Thank you!
  15. TCR 223

    GEN 1 Windshield Fluid Pump Not Working

    My windshield pump stopped working... a little back story: I replaced my front aux lights 2 weeks ago with some white driving and amber fog lights (diode dynamics pro) on my 13screw. awesome lights by the way. The next rain day I ran my fogs and the fuse popped on the upfitter 4 switch...
  16. J

    37” tires, need tuner

    Tapping the knowledge base for this one. What are the top 3 programmer/tuners that work for the 2013 raptor? -I have a contact in Arizona, so this does not need to be a CA legal list. What is regarded by the community as “the best” programmer/tuner?
  17. William S Perry

    GEN 1 New Member, looking for Tucson area shops and other Raptor folks in the area

    Hello All, New member here. I've just moved to the Tucson Az area. I've got a 2012 6.2 that's at just about 90k. Has anyone had any dealing with the Ford dealership down here? I've had very mixed results with dealerships elsewhere so a bit leery. Got a recommendation to the Dealership up in...
  18. Gary B

    New Addition - Gen 1 - 2012 Roush Supercharged

    Finally pulled the trigger on a 2012 SuperCrew with the Roush Supercharger and loving every second of the drive. The wheels and tires arent my style so they will be going up for sale soon as the replacements are in. Looking forward to becoming part of the raptor community!
  19. Snajdarn

    GEN 1 Questions about Fiberwerx 2.5"

    Firstly, Hello there, this is my first post in the forum! =) Background: I haven't done a lot of wrenching on cars in my days, I mostly enjoy driving them. I haven't been confident enough to start wrenching either, "something might go wrong". But I think I'm going to start to do some mods...
  20. Olsen Motorsports

    GEN 1 JRZ Supports Gen 1 Raptors!!

    Sup everyone!? We are proud to announce that our JRZ Lineup has proved more than well in the Gen 2 and now is available in the Gen 1 lineup! We are still working on getting some content for you but they are ready to order and are available for purchase! We are offering free expedited...
  21. 19-Kilo

    SOLD - Gen1 SCT X4 7015 tuner 2010-2014 6.2

    SOLD Used, in great condition $275 plus Shipping SCT x4 tuner. Model 7015 Has been unmarried and returned to stock (photos available) includes original box, cables, bag, foam packing, etc. comes preloaded with Ford 6.2L SVT Raptor tune. used with a SVC tune on my Gen1 2011 raptor and...
  22. K

    WTB: '12-'14 SCAB - Basic is Best

    Hello all, My name is Max and while I'm a new member, I have been a long-time lurker and have read numerous threads over the last few years. I have wanted a Gen1 Raptor ever since my close friend had his 2010 SCAB new. 6.2 and all the options, it was such a fun truck and we had more than our...
  23. Colton1028

    WTB 2014 Raptor aftermarked exhaust

    I am looking for an exhaust for my 2014 Raptor, I would prefer the one that exits behind the rear tire rather than the bumper exit. Let me know what ya got. Thanks!
  24. G

    WTB: Corsa/any aftermarket Exhaust for 2012 SCREW.

    Looking for a used aftermarket exhaust system. Preferably a Corsa system, because I am looking for a used system with close to no drone on the highway. But if you have something else you are willing too get rid of, don't hesitate.
  25. G

    WTB Gen 1 Beadlock Wheels & Tires

    Hello all, I'm new to the forum and looking for Gen 1 beadlock wheels for my 2010 Raptor. I prefer them with OEM tires that have a good amount of tread left. I'm in Ohio and willing to pay for shipping. Ready to pull the trigger so let me know what you have. Thanks