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  • Hey fellow Roush owner. I installed a Roush kit on my 2014 a couple of months ago, and it's awesome. JDM has helped me with the tune, but it's friggin' hot in Vegas, and I'm getting some detonation under light throttle when I start up a grade. Once I downshift or add throttle, it disappears.

    Curious if you've ever experienced this in TX.

    Hey, brother. I have a lead on a 2014 Hennessey Velociraptor. Single owner in Texas, who's has it supercharged since mile 1. I'm a little concerned about having that many supercharged miles, but I've seen you been a big advocate for supercharged Raptors. I'd like to know more about any issues you've seen/experienced. Let me know.
    I have only had 1 experience with a Hennessey Raptor and it wasnt a good one.
    I have been blown since day 1 and have over 100K miles now, no real issues.
    I would certainly check it over and maybe reach out to some Hennessey guys about it. My friend had one and the tune was terrible, thing was a ****.
    I had a question for you about the gates belt. I just upgraded to jdm tune,ngk plugs, twin 65mm throttle body and the 72mm pulley. I have put on plenty of serp belts before but cannot for the life of me get the gates k061247 belt to go on. Did you have any trouble with yours?
    It wasnt easy but i was able to slip it on to the blower pulley last. Had a friend hold tensioner so I could 2 hand the belt over the edge of pulley.
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