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  • Morning, question, this barrage of spam that's going on lately, are they coming for a specific IP area, meaning can you tell if it's all from Russia, Nigeria, India or what ever shit hole country.
    Is there a way to making a profile much harder for those IP addresses like confirming email, a one day waiting period, something.
    Big Blue
    Big Blue
    Unfortunately, its a daily occurrence and they come from all over the world. Lots of Asia, India and New York.
    Any thoughts on a lift to run 35 x 12.5 x 22 Toyos on a 12" wheel? Any lift kits out there that you would recommend for a 2018 Raptor? Thanks DentalDoc
    Are those 17" Rotiforms that you are running? What backspacing did you go with?
    Big Blue
    Big Blue
    No, they are 17" Black Rhino Roku wheels, 0 backspacing.
    Whats up big blue what is the dimension of the front plate on the bumber where the led bar goes. Im asking because I have this sick corona steel sign and I would like to know if it will fit when my bumper comes in. I just ordered it so I am super juiced. If you can get exact dimensions Length x width I can probably sheer my corona plate to size and it will be **** when my bumper arrives. greatly appreciated man
    The mounting points are the exact same location as the factory bumper. It a total bolt-on job.
    Cool man, got your message Do you mind taking a photo of the mounting area I am going to order one but I want to make my own skid plate thanks whenever you get a chance does not have to be anytime soon
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