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Big Blue
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Mar 6, 2021 at 11:04 PM
Aug 1, 2011
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Northern IL

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Big Blue

Administrator, from Northern IL

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Mar 6, 2021 at 11:04 PM
    1. mAtTyG04
      Love the build!
      1. Big Blue likes this.
    2. DentalDoc
      Any thoughts on a lift to run 35 x 12.5 x 22 Toyos on a 12" wheel? Any lift kits out there that you would recommend for a 2018 Raptor? Thanks DentalDoc
    3. Ocean18
      Are those 17" Rotiforms that you are running? What backspacing did you go with?
      1. Big Blue
        Big Blue
        No, they are 17" Black Rhino Roku wheels, 0 backspacing.
        Jun 2, 2019
    4. Big Blue
      Big Blue
      Sorry bro, I dont run a front plate on mine so I have no idea.
    5. arturom_1987
      Whats up big blue what is the dimension of the front plate on the bumber where the led bar goes. Im asking because I have this sick corona steel sign and I would like to know if it will fit when my bumper comes in. I just ordered it so I am super juiced. If you can get exact dimensions Length x width I can probably sheer my corona plate to size and it will be tits when my bumper arrives. greatly appreciated man
    6. Big Blue
      Big Blue
      The mounting points are the exact same location as the factory bumper. It a total bolt-on job.
    7. arturom_1987
      Cool man, got your message Do you mind taking a photo of the mounting area I am going to order one but I want to make my own skid plate thanks whenever you get a chance does not have to be anytime soon
    8. arturom_1987
      Hey Bro Sweet Bumper you got on your rig, I was curious if you know what size tubing it is made out of. It looks like the top tube is 1 1/2 tubing?
    9. jrubin80
      I was reading thru the older messages in your Deathray post. DO you mind letting me know how you got such a killer deal on the Rigids? I like supporting FRF venders, but.....$$$ talks.
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    Northern IL
    Ford SVT Raptor:
    2018 SuperCab
    3.5L EB
    Raptor Factory Options:
    • Luxury Package
    • 801A Equipment Package (2013+)


    Raptor Runs: Snoball 500, TRR 13, Spring 13, SD Buffalo Run, Havoc in the Hills, Snoball 2, Spring 14, GLRE Time Attack, Havoc in the Hills 2, Rise of the Phoenix, Snoball III, Spring 15, Snoball IV, Snoball V, SnoballVII, TRR 19, Snoball 20, RTO Durhamtown 20, Snoball 21
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