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    Eibach Pro-lift springs installed with pics and comments

    Glad to see this Thread is still going after 2 1/2 years and 112 pages. I really loved the Eibachs on my truck and had zero complaints or issues with lots of off-roading. This is still my favorite pic and was with Eibachs and +3 Deavers as the only suspension mods and also riding on 37s.
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    Long Term Feedback Hellwig Rear Sway Bar

    I agree with you. Guys started to do this to their TRX's a year ago and I was like WTF!?!? Sad to see it's getting carried over to the Raptor. The fact is; Putting a rear sway bar on any "Off-Road" truck whose suspension is set up for maximum articulation is counterintuitive unless you are a...
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    **** this truck

    So you've been a member since 2020, this is your 3rd post, you decide to use **** in your header and then place this thread in the Cleaning and Detail section, wow Grand Slam. This forum is not going to miss you, bye.
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    Acceleration response time

    I've already gotten a bunch of reports from several members regarding your posts and you have only been here since July. If you're not looking for a Ban, I'd choose your next posts wisely.
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    Low mileage

    Generational love is always a hot topic. I'm not going to pick sides, I'm just going to be 100% honest from my perspective of being an OG Raptor owner and gear head. I loved everything about my Gen 1 scab. I also loved my Gen 2 scab, a definite improvement in suspension and interior/seats over...
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    20 inch Fuel Rims / $1000.

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    Buying a Raptor - FAQ

    Done. :favorites13:
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    sad news regarding corona raptor

    Very sad news indeed, RIP Corona. Making this a sticky so he will always remain at the top of this page.
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    Site Linking issue

    Works fine, two links added to test, just copy and paste link.
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    Beware Want to Buy members! Scammers are out there.

    There has been a report of a recent scam on a member, so as a refresher....please be vigilant about who you send money too. Regards
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    Gen 3 worth it? Debating backing out for TRX

    You are stirring the pot for a newbie and I have already received several reports about you on multiple threads. I don't like that. Take a week off to reflect...
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    2022 Raptor blew up - 133 miles

    Freedom comes in all forms. I'm free to give you the boot anytime and you are now on strike 2.
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    2022 Raptor blew up - 133 miles

    See you in a month, next time it will be permanent.
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    Closure Warning. Reports received on this thread, please be civil or I will need to close. Thank you