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  • Can't believe you are still on here. You helped me a lot in 2014 when I built my Gen 1. Especially with the complete tear out of the interior. Stuff is still going strong as well. Only issue is the highs cut out I am assuming from some sort of protection built in when they get too loud. Any way. Thanks again for all the previous help almost a decade ago
    hey whats up just out of curiosity what kinda systems have you been putting in the Gen 1's? or what products do you sell/recomend?
    I'm looking to replace all factory speakers and add a sub or 2 to my 2018 Raptor. I've found it very difficult to locate anyone that can give me a full setup i.e. (Sub enclosure, all speakers, wiring, sound damper etc). I would like to keep the factory head unit if possible.

    Think you can help me out on this, thanks in advance.
    I have a 2014 raptor and it has a JL rd1500/1 amp and the JL stealth box with the 2 12's well the previous owner just wired in RCA jacks to the factory subwoofer wiring and then to the amp it does work and has a ton of bass but doesn't sound very good at all what would you recommend for me to do in this truck?
    Ok I signed up for it should be lots of fun just could not figure out how to pay for it
    I was reading an older post on here about LED lighting in the hood vents. It sounded like you have ideas about RGB lights and maybe can hook me up? Let me know!
    Do you have any ideas?
    The Car Stereo Company
    The Car Stereo Company
    i didnt even know this section existed...... just vent lights?
    (I didn’t see your response until now - LOL)
    Right now, just the hood and side vents. I want to do amber red, and blue. Maybe white.
    As you can tell, I’m not in a hurry. Just a “fun bling” project.
    Morning! Being as your the raptor electronics guru I figure your the o e to ask about this. Is there a way to relocate the aux jack into the center console. As I hate seeing cords. So having it hidden would be nice.
    Hey man.
    I hope you arrived OK and everything still works.
    I lost the docs for the nav tv in the truck and I was just wondering if you could remind me how to load address while moving as it is locked out until I do something.
    Cant remember the "something".
    I could not find any thing on the Nav Tv web site.
    hi !

    I'm a new member on this forum . I'm looking for the speaker wiring color at the end of the head unit for a 2014 Raptor.
    may you help me for this ?

    thanks a lot for your help
    Hi. I see you on the FRF here so I thought I would ask your advise and perhaps purchase from you. My wife has a 2007 Chrysler 300 SRT with the Boston audio setup in it. I want to replace the audio/nav. It has to be user friendly for my wife. (not a real techy kind of gal.) so It has to be easy to use. I'd like to see it come with a back up camera capability and be able to store cd's like the jukebox in our Raptors. Bluetooth capable. I need it to be a plug and play if possible. I'm thinking in the range of $500 + the extras to make it work correctly like rear camera, steering wheel buttons. I would not like to spend over $750. I am going to install myself if it is all plug and play. Do you have suggestions and how much you would charge to sell and ship to me in Arizona? Thanks.
    Mil Thornton
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