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  • Hey Noah, I am aware that there is a Ford MFT person on the boards and not sure how far the stick is up their ass. So if your bud has some ideas we may want to do it less visable! My thought is that MFT updates have a passkey or back door into MFT so if we can find it and make it stay open or at least access what we want we could tweak. I am not good at code or writing it. If some how we can get ahold of a MFT unit that is not in someones $50+K truck to test would be the best scenario.
    Let me know when you get closer to doing something with the 2013 raptors. I think they have a pretty good thing going now but I wouldn't mind investing in just a little more "rock and roll" for those special occasions when I want to just crank it up. Also possible thinking of putting something in the back under the rollbak cover housing.
    I have a 2012 screw with rear camera. The group buy your doing is that for the lock pick. I am new to the raptor so I am learning. Also is there a very easy way to add a front camera.
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