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  1. MJK

    Lets be real… Raptors aka fords are pieces of shit

    This is my Second raptor. First one (gen 2) had cam phasers, seats and steering wheel elements went out, tailgate steps broke, sunroof busted, both wiper nozzles stopped working. Second raptor with 1K total miles driven thus far and door keypad busted, had the weird audio boom from the B&O and...
  2. Mattyboy1

    Another new Gen 3 Raptor owner!

    Definitely feels like a dream come true to join the Raptor club - Been a long time coming and it was worth the wait. This truck was a special order that someone passed up on and I was first in line when it came off the truck. Bought it luckily at MSRP. Absolutely love the truck, and the Metallic...
  3. NatG

    New Member Checking in From Mesa, Arizona!

    Hi Everyone, Thanks for having me! My name is Nat and Im a new member from Mesa, Arizona. My Gen 2 unfortunately got into a messy fender bender back in December and i have been working towards getting my own raptor ever since, im hoping to have one by august / september if all goes well. For...
  4. B

    Oem 2023 bead lock tires and wheels sale

    Selling my take off wheels and tires. Looking for $1600 for set of 4. About 300 miles on them. Only pictures I have is from when they were in. Tire shop has them but can send updates pics. Located in so cal
  5. B

    Best lift and tire options

    Just got a Gen 3. I have the 35’s. What’s everybody’s thought on a small lift and putting on 37 tires? What’s the best combo in your opinion. I am leaning towards the Eibach 2.2 front and 1.5 rear and bfg ko2 37’s. Stock 37 wheels. I don’t want tires to stick out.
  6. B

    37 wheel swap plus cash

    looking for the wheels from a 37. I have the upgraded beadlock wheels from my 35
  7. B

    Rear ford emblem

    Does anybody know what size the ford emblem on the 2023 ford raptors with appliqué delete? I see lots of options but different sizes. I’m trying to replace the blue with a matte black of some sort to match the raptor emblem. A guy on eBay has nice ones but it says 9.5 inches. I measured mine at...
  8. B

    Best upgrades for my new Gen 3 2023 ford raptor

    Wanted to ask you guys and people that have already modified your Gen 3 trucks which mods are the best. I’m looking for a leveling kit. I kinda narrowed it down with nick from Apollo. You guys think the eibach springs are the way to go? If so what configuration? Does it affect ride and did you...
  9. aaroncooper

    part number or ordering information

    Does anyone have the part number or ordering information for the front bumper covers on the adaptive cruise control modules? I need to replace my driver side. Thank you
  10. oddworld

    (Gen 3) DTC U0285 Communication with Air Shutter

    Playing around with Forscan and noticed a DTC error. Mind pointing me in the right direction? (1) Error Code: U0285 - Lost Communication with Active Grille Air Shutter Module 'B' (2) Questions (2A) Where is "Module B" located on the front grille? Upper/Lower? Left/Right? (2B) Where is the...
  11. U

    Need help with pricing

    Hello fellow Raptor owners. I'm trying to purchase a 2022 Raptor(non 37) and below are the numbers Sticker $82k Market Adjustment $5k Dealer Options $1200 (Line X bedspray, window tint, wheel locks, doors edge protection, cargo lock(no idea whatever this is), nitrogen air + Three year free...
  12. A

    Fewer 2023 Allocations?

    So this is a bit of a third hand story, but I wanted to sound the waters and see if anyone else is hearing the same thing. My father-in-law has an order in with a dealer he previously purchased a vehicle with and put in a 37PP order a few months back. They called a few weeks ago to ask if he...
  13. M

    Rapid Red Pictures

    Just had my Rapid Red 37PP move to production, hopefully, it moves quickly! In the meanwhile please share some Rapid Red pictures if you have them!
  14. tsunami436

    Secured an allocation with build date - but if I change the build to 37’s will it push back?

    Hello all, I have been working to find an allocation for a few months now and after exhausting my phone and email account, a friend in Texas hooked me up with an allocation that has a build date of 3/16/22. It originally was everything I wanted except for color and factory forged wheels. I have...
  15. RADONCulous

    Possible to get Gen 3 under MSRP?

    Hey guys hope all is well. I first posted on here in 2019 looking for a 2020 allocation and was lucky to get one for invoice (like 4k under MSRP) from Travis at Long McArthur Ford; however, he is no longer there. We love our Gen II but would like to move to a Gen III soon. I wanted to know if...
  16. RickRed

    Gen 3 Diamondback HD Hard Tonneau Cover

    The strangest thing happened this morning, I got an early/ahead of schedule delivery…My diamondback tonneau cover showed up. In the world of supply chain hell that we are currently in,it was a welcomed unexpected surprise. I *had a retraxpro XR/Ford Embark LS on the truck when I took...
  17. RickRed

    Gen 3 Caution: Tailgate Removal and Battery changing causing issues: Fixed!

    Further caution and info when needing to remove your tailgate or change your battery. as originally discussed from another thread found here: a few of us have experienced a...
  18. RickRed

    Gen 3 Auto Stop Start Removal dash button

    My truck went into production yesterday, and window sticker became available today. My truck was a dealer order, and like others have found out it shows on my window sticker that the auto stop/start was deleted Automatically. With that being said does anyone know what happens to the button...
  19. N

    35s upgraded wheels or no?

    What is everyone’s thoughts on the upgraded 35s vs the base wheels? I am tempted to modify my order to get the upgraded wheels. I wish it wasn’t such an expensive option! Unfortunately I haven’t seen many photos of either. The upgraded wheels look a lot better than I expected but I feel like the...
  20. B

    Sell now or trade in later for Raptor R?

    What do y’all think is best? I owe 15k left on my fully loaded 2019 Raptor, should I sell it now or trade in toward the Raptor R when it comes out?
  21. Dirtypope

    Cool things about Gen3

    It can be order with generator and 37 inch tires. Also four sound level modes – Quiet, Normal, Sport and Baja. Other than that Nothing else. If you got Gen 2 2019 or 2020 it’s almost same shit. Save money now and wait for Raptor R At least for those who own Gen 2 your truck value won’t go...
  22. Need4SpeedMotorsport

    Hello from Need 4 Speed Motorsports!

    Hello to all the Raptor Forum Community! We at Need 4 Speed Motorsports are happy to be joining the Raptor community! We are based in Los Angeles, CA, and have been in business for over 15 years. Our employees are not just staff members, they are a family of enthusiasts who are all extremely...
  23. Dirtypope

    Raptor gen 3 spotted in Chicago!!!

    You welcome!!
  24. Dirtypope

    Raptor Gen 3 Specs

    Call me crazy but this is my prediction for Gen 3. Engine: 3.5 Twin Turbo High-Output (same as gen2, why? Cause there is nothing wrong with it) with combined electric motor 35-50 kilowatt. “V6/hybrid” Horsepower: 570-620 Torque: over 600 lb-ft 0-60: 3.7-3.9seconds Mpg: ? Better than TRX that’s...

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