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    Shudder / vibration while stopped in drive?

    My Gen 3 does the same thing as you described word for word.
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    Gen 2 build quality better?

    I would choose my 2014 and 2012 out of all. My Gen 3 has some nice features, liked Gen 2 styling. But my Gen 3 not fond of the issues. Trying to get worked out.
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    Things to check after taking delivery

    Checked the fuses today after a Gremlin issue yesterday. Sure enough, everyone of them in the panel in engine compart needed to be pushed in. I also have stress cracks in left front fender. Still waiting to hear what Ford is going to do.
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    10/11 Squad

    10-11 squad make sure to check the body for stress cracks on upper portion of front fenders above the heat extractor and by cowl. Just got back from the dealer, they're going to submit to Ford to see whats up! Pictures don't show well but you can see what area to check.
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    Can’t Buy IS ‘21 on the Lot

    So, seems odd why your dealer doesn't have the rivets or can't get them within a couple days. My truck got delivered just before lunch and they did the PDI and recall, I drove away 5:30pm that day.
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    2021 In-production to Built to back to In-production

    Have the dealer run vehicle visibility that is the most updated info rather than Ford's pizza tracker. That will give the STATUS of your vehicle and location. If they can't tell what all that means have them screen shot it and post it so we can translate for you.
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    1/31 squad

    Hate to be a Debbie Downer, I know it's very frustrating a lot of us know firsthand about waiting and some are still waiting for 2021's to be delivered. My 2021 sat for 4 months after being built and got delivered in Feb of 2022!
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    10/11 Squad

    Very Nice! I was the opposite I sold a red one and bought a blue one this go around. I do miss my Ruby Red's but I like my blue ones!
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    Recall Wait Times

    Truck got delivered before noon on a Friday. Dealer did PDI and recall took home late Friday afternoon.
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    First Sticky - Gen3 Owner Pics

    Finally made it after originally an August 2nd build week. 10/11 blend. 10/19 built. Arrived 2/4 and brought home same day! Had 80 miles on it.
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    10/11 Squad

    Well, 10-11 squad I have good news. Truck arrived 2/4 in the morning and picked up that afternoon. Recall done. Haven't had much time in it went straight from the dealer to the auto show. Ford had a good show of vehicles. A LFG Raptor was amongst. A little salty from the drive home. Recap...
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    Trying to get a feel for how many of us are still waiting on 2021 trucks that are built. If so please post production date and eta from tracker.

    Did you check they have delivered vehicles to the wrong dealers in the past. Or truck is sitting there on the lot and they obviously or finally the sob dealer sold your truck to someone else. I take it your not close by your dealership.
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    10/11 Squad

    Oh, but they could ship 99 % of stock 2021 orders to dealers in Michigan. BS! Are you sure your truck wasn't one of those stolen?
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    10/11 Squad

    Yeah, Ford don't send me any surveys anymore after my 2012 Raptor sat for 2 months on the ramp for some unknown reason. That 2 months was a piece of cake compared to this.