TPMS not reading on all four tires

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Dec 27, 2023
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So i installed the starlight headliner in a 2022 Ford Raptor. If you dont know what the starlight headliner is .. its small fiber optic wires that are poked through factory headliner. Anyways i dropped the headliner down and installed this and put everything back up pluged everything back in how it was. As i was driving down the freeway after about 20 or so miles my tpms light came on and it has no reading on all four tires. Im confused as to why this happened. is there a sensor in the headliner? Is it something i just need to reset since i unplugged two connectors? i need help here, does anyone have an ideas?


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Dec 16, 2016
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does anyone have an ideas?
We’re assuming based on your post that the ‘starlight headliner’ is the cause. However, you haven’t clarified enough information to make that leap.

Is the truck stock otherwise? or are there more modifications? ANY.
Have there been any recent repairs, service or updates?
Has the truck ever thrown TPMS errors before?

For now, ruling the above out, disconnect the starlight headliner. You may need to re-discover(?) the TPMS. Although usually this is pretty pain free; I have 6 wheels/tires and carry 2x TPMS equipped spares. I think there is a programming/discovery section in the manual you can try, or you can get something like:

I did hear that the last rotation it took some time to pickup the newly mounted tires from the bed.

Check for DTC’s- you can use a code reader or FORSCAN Forscan changes - tweak your truck
it’s not out of the realm of possibility that you created an out of range current draw or similar with the starlight headliner.

If disconnecting and any additional follow up actions restore TPMS function, almost certainly you have an incompatible modification.
If it doesn’t, it’s possible that you had a coincidental failure.


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Mar 8, 2022
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after performing the TSB related to the TPMS signal being unreliable, I have found that the radio that reads the tires is still horribly susceptible to the slightest interference. I had a coax cable that ran within about 3 inches of the radios wire bundle and even when the radio was completely powered off it would cause TPMS errors. The actual receiver unit is in the back passenger side of the head liner.

I very strongly think your starlight headliner is the cause. If you want that just buy a Rolls Royce