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GEN 1 Too many noises emitting from 2014 Shelby Interior and fans

Discussion in 'Ford Raptor Audio/Video/Electronics Forum [GEN 1]' started by Don Rush, Dec 5, 2019.

  1. Don Rush

    Don Rush Member

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    Nov 6, 2019
    Does the Gen 1 pipe imitation V8 rumble through the stereo speakers? If so Is this something that can easily be deleted (re-flash computer) at the dealer? My new to me 2014 Shelby has all the rumble one would ever need. Also, does everyone elses inter-cooler fans run non stop in all temperatures? As soon as I put my key in the ignition they start up, seems excessive in freezing weather and am wondering about alternative wiring options. Lastly does anyone else have a faint buzzing sound coming from the PS dash area? It begins soon after you start driving and does not stop or vary at all. The whine of the supercharger is kind of fun and the Borla exhaust sounds "all business" but I do not want any extra noises if I can at all help it.
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  2. B E N

    B E N Full Access Member

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    May 1, 2019
    Frederick, CO
    There is no artificial noise generation or piping on a gen 1, unnecessary with a 6.2l.

    As for the heat exchanger, it should be running at all times, that's what it does. Lower IAT is better. You should be concerned if the fans aren't kicking. There are a dozen ways you could change this but holy crap its a hot rod truck, it is going to make extra noises... if you want to ride in silence maybe high performance isn't really for you.

    Buzzing from the dash is not normal, likely culprit is blend door actuator. Do all your vents (driver and passenger) switch properly and make both hot and cold air?
  3. 1BAD454SSv2

    1BAD454SSv2 Full Access Member

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    Jan 8, 2019
    I have my fans wired to aux switch , so you can shut off in cold weather or when its raining , You want the electric water pump on at all times circulating HE coolant whenever key is on. The original smaller whipple heat exchanger uses no fans, forward motion only as well as Old lightning was same way. The upgraded whipple larger HE uses fans. It keeps more consistent Temp on HE coolant. If you putt around and never get into boost you can run with fans off. When you want to play just flip the fans on. Been doing that on mine since 2012.

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