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    I bought the cheapest power mirror for the 2015-17 F150 from Ford for about $200. Way more than what I wanted to pay, but unfortunately I needed to get it put on ASAP and none of the wreckers has any in stock (their prices weren't much cheaper either).

    I completely disassembled the new mirror and swapped out most of the parts. The key was keeping the cables from the original mirror and threading them through the new mirror. BLIS works fine, autodimming works fine, the power mirror moves around fine, and the 360 camera works fine. I lost the puddle light and the signal light, as there were no cut outs for them. I don't care about the puddle light at all but I would have liked to have kept the signal light. I may eventually take it apart again when I have time and dremel a cut out for the signal light and put it back in. I also don't have the power folding anymore, but since it's the driver's side I can live without it.

    Just thought I'd share my experiences. Every Ford parts guy at the dealership I talked to really didn't want to sell me anything but the exact mirror for my truck, and they kept saying that every mirror is specific to each model and won't fit on anything else. That's complete bullshit of course, not sure if they were just stubborn or wanted to make the sale on the thousand dollar mirror. Maybe both.
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    Probably both. Glad you got it back on

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