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GEN 1 Recall 19S07: 2011-2013 powertrain control module

Discussion in 'Ford Raptor Recalls | TSB's | SSM's' started by bigrig, Feb 13, 2019.

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    Sep 6, 2018
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    Question for anyone willing to answer: Someone asked earlier this year but didn’t see a response, can anyone speak to dealing with the PCM update with a factory Roush tune (have JDM tune which I would revert to factory Roush, but that’s where my issues start)? Ford told me some crap about having to send in my PCM to get it taken care of which would take weeks, or go to a Roush authorized dealer of which there aren’t any in my area.
    Maybe a simpler question: If I replace the lead frame myself is there confirmation that I bypass the need to reprogram all together? If that’s the case I’ll get that done in a weekend rather than spending time and money to figure this f-ing PCM fiasco out with Roush/Ford. Thanks for any insight.
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    There is no such thing as a "Ford Factory Roush Tune". If that's what your implying.
    Ford cooperation has nothing to do with a Raptor that's been Supercharged....Period..

    I would call @New Nick at JDM and ask them if their latest Tune has the recall update on the TCM part of the Tune.

    Assuming you do or don't have a Supercharger installed!
    I'm pretty sure the dealer can flash the PCM with the JDM Tune on it, no need to return to stock.
    The problem is, if you have a Supercharger then you would need to load the JDM Tune back on before driving it..
    The Ford dealer could get you your stock OEM Tune which you can not run anyway and your going to pay for that.
    You just start over again and save the stock Tune if you get one (or JDM or Roush) to your SCT device, now that it is a OEM Tune.
    You'll probably have to unmarry and reset the SCT device to do that.
    Also now is a good time to make sure you have the latest firmware installed on the SCT device,
    SCT comes out with updates quite often!!!
    Make sure you have the JDM Tune saved on your PC so you can import it back on the SCT device.
    But call JDM to confirm what I'm saying, please.

    Roush does not use a handheld device for their Tunes, therefor you need to send your PCM to them and they flash it with their hardware.
    Don't go through a dealer, call Roush!
    If you really want to go that route, the PCM is held in by two nuts and takes 5 minutes to remove.
    You can then sent it over night or what ever to Roush directly with a return label.
    By the way, Roush is going to charge you for that reflash.
    Then your back to square one because Roush's Tune is encrypted and the dealer's laptop with Ford's software cannot flash it.

    I don't believe I've ever seen a post that a Tuned Raptor has had an issue with down shifting to 1st gear at 75 mph.
    Now having said that, if they have a speed sensor failure or lead frame failure then it doesn't matter what Tune is on the truck.
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