1. K

    Roush or Whipple for gen 1

    So i just got my gen 1 raptor not too long ago and didn’t know if i should go with a whipple supercharger or roush. Was leaning more towards roush but just not sure which to get.
  2. BeerGuy

    2017 with ALL the OPTIONS + MORE

    WTS. 107,800mi This Raptor has ALL stock factory options available. Asanti 22" offroad wheels, 35" Nitto Tires, Icon 2" level kit, 50 state legal Whipple Stage 1 kit (160TRQ/90HP* peak gain over stock using 93 octane), Bomba BOV, Sony upgrade on speakers and Rockford Fosgate 10" powered...
  3. 2011SilverScab

    GEN 1 Calling Fellow Whippled/Supercharged Gen 1 Owners! Wisdom or Advice

    Hiya everyone, fairly recently got a Stage 1 Whipple kit put on my 2011 Gen 1 SCab, bought it at 79k and at ~95k miles on it now with maybe 1k with the blower. No major issues since ive owned it besides AC kicking the radiator fans on high and now getting ~8MPG in the city lol. This is my first...
  4. 2011SilverScab

    2011 w/ 2.9l Stage 1 Whipple Surging issues

    Hi everyone, just had a Stage 1 2.9l Whipple kit w/ custom (Non-Dyno but Datalogged) Tune installed on my Gen 1 SCAB. Been loads of fun at the low and high end but the mid range of throttle response has been troublesome (Video Attached). In the mid range of throttle it hesitates/cuts power and...
  5. D

    2014 SE GEN 1 Supercharged, lots of mods, 60k miles

    MAR 18 PRICE DROP—-NOW AT 37k$ I live 20 minutes away from Livonia Michigan across the border. Can accommodate the buyer and deliver anywhere close to Detroit area. Whipple supercharged and highly modified with all invoices attached. Over 50k in mods. All pictures including all the small...
  6. E

    High Mileage 2013 Terrain Whipple Raptor - Headers & SC Generation?

    Hey guys, I'm Steve from Las Vegas and I'm new to the forum but not to offroading (Tacoma's, Power Wagon, Jeeps). I just picked up a high mileage 2013 Supercrew Raptor (164k miles). I just got home after driving 550 miles from ID so sorry for the dirty pics, I'll be cleaning up the engine bay...
  7. D

    Highly Modified 2014 Gen 1 Raptor

    Hey guys, So i just got this truck as a very impulsive buy as soon as it hit the market. Still a little hesitant as I usually stay away from engine mods in my vehicles, but this one was done right. Anything I should be aware of for the near future in terms of problems. I got the car checked out...
  8. L

    2013 Readiness Monitor issue

    I just picked up a 2013 6.2, Whipple supercharged, the previous owner did not know all details about the vehicle build . He had someone take care of everything for him. Truck is perfect and runs amazing but is not passing readines monitors for cat, and oxygen sensors. The truck has an SCT...
  9. Toadster

    GEN 2 P0299, P0316, P0365 a few times now

    about 56k miles on the truck now, have had the Whipple Stage 1 kit installed since 4k miles so it's been a while... P0365 - there has been a lack of voltage detected from the camshaft position sensor B in bank 1 by the PCM within a few seconds of the engine starting. P0316 - your vehicle's main...
  10. B

    GEN 1 Whipple Coolant Issues

    Hey, ya'll I have 2014 with a Whipple on it and I've been having some major coolant problems lately. Just check my coolant take for the supercharger's intercooler the other day and realized it was empty. I filled it up and started my truck and every last bit of the coolant shot through the...
  11. A

    Supercharger or not?

    I have a Gen 1 2010 Raptor in mint condition. Just turned 66k. I am considering a Whipple supercharger stage 2 kit complete with everything it comes with. I would like advice fron people that did this or have experience with supercharging these vehicles to the cons or any issues I will...
  12. New Nick at JDM

    GEN 2 JDM Engineering Stage 1 Ecoboost Upgrade Kit Sale!!!

    We at JDM Engineering are running a sale on our stage 1 upgrade kit for Gen 2 Trucks! These Kits include: Whipple Cold Air Kit Whipple Megacooler SP-550 Plugs SCT X4 with a Custom Tune for your Raptor Normally we retail these kits for 1999.99 Until Labor Day, these kits will be marked down to...
  13. P

    Whipple w/ dual fans and exchanger - winch?

    Been trying to figure out some more information about options. I have the heat exchanger with the dual fans but really want a winch. I asked around and one guy said the only options are get a new bumper and put the winch outside, or if I wanted to the 'hidden' mount (which I do) to modify the...