1. B

    37 wheel swap plus cash

    looking for the wheels from a 37. I have the upgraded beadlock wheels from my 35
  2. RedRptr

    Fuel Injector Failure + Bad Tow

    Well, yesterday was a rough day for the Red Raptor (2022 MY 35 Package w/ 13.5k miles). Driving along, had been running fine all day, and all of a sudden everything gets shuddering and weird. Felt like I was going over rough pavement, but went away when I let off the throttle. When I gave it...
  3. G

    2018 Ford Raptor. Lots of extras!

    2018 Ford Raptor for sale. Currently located in Naples, FL. 66XXX miles, $57,000 The truck has the 802a package, carbon fiber package, graphics package, moonroof, OEM beadlock wheels, etc… This truck has well over $10,000 in additional upgrades on it currently as it sits. (That is without...
  4. MyRaptorLife

    Finally happened. Truck got boosted..

    So it's been a hell of a couple years since we go the truck. Finally, things started to settle down the past oh 4 months or so. Getting geared up for the first holiday season we will be able to enjoy and then this happened. Got a call Wednesday about 3 pm from the girlfriend that the truck was...
  5. Raptor562

    For Sale 2019 Ford Raptor Gen Recaros SOLD

  6. M

    2019 Mustang GT or 2019 Raptor?

    2019 Mustang GT or 2019 Raptor? So here's my situation, I currently drive a paid off 2016 Tundra worth around $36k. I've been looking into buying a 2018 + Mustang GT as a toy for the past 2 years but with the car market being crazy I can't justify spending over $39k on a toy. I have a $30k...
  7. kpecks

    2022 Raptor for Sale. Located in GA

    Up for sale is my 2022 Raptor. Ford PremiumCare 60/75k coverage until 4/16/27. 638 miles on the OD. Purchased in April. I travel way too much to enjoy it and so it sits in the garage. Probably going to buy an airplane… Build: 801A build Moonroof and power lift gate ProPower Onboard generator...
  8. A

    Fewer 2023 Allocations?

    So this is a bit of a third hand story, but I wanted to sound the waters and see if anyone else is hearing the same thing. My father-in-law has an order in with a dealer he previously purchased a vehicle with and put in a 37PP order a few months back. They called a few weeks ago to ask if he...
  9. E

    baja designs xl 80 led light

    Looking to get two sets of baja designs xl 80 led light or LP4s as well as the pillar mounts any good places to get good deals. Thanks guys.
  10. J

    2019 Raptor 8k miles dead cylinder, 2 misfires, p0304/p0316

    Hi All, I purchased a 2019 Raptor a few months ago with 6,500 miles on it. The previous owner installed a Roush CAI + Exhaust. The truck was running fine until a couple weeks back when I was on the highway traveling at about 80mph. I attempted to speed up when the truck started to violently...
  11. BabaMike

    What is your favourite 2023 Color (Poll)

    Let’s see your choice of exterior Color.
  12. J-Raptor

    GEN 2 2017 Ford Raptor for sale

    I am thinking of posting my Ford Raptor for sale but need help with deciding the price. Whats the asking prices going for with this market? Canadian and US welcome. My truck is 2017 Ford Raptor Oxford White with 106,200 kilometers or 65,989 miles. Currently mounted on 35x12.5r17 BFG KM3 mud...
  13. D

    Purchasing a Gen1 Raptor

    Hello, I currently own a 2021 f150 XLT. I want a vehicle I can off-road in and have some fun with and am looking to trade it in. I can get 1,000 more for it then I paid and my dealer has a gen1 on the lot. It has 77k miles and clean carfax. My only issue is 39k is as low as I can get them. I see...
  14. Raptorsix19

    Baja Design “Sportsmen” fog light kit

    Selling my used Baja design fog light kits $850 OBO. Pick up only. Comes with yellow light covers. Located in San Diego, Chula Vista.
  15. Raptorsix19

    FS 2019 Live shocks in San Diego

    Hello, I am selling my 3.0 live stock shocks (front and rears), 1.1k obo. Pick up only.
  16. Brian5117

    Raptor Gen2 Transmission Issue

    Hey all. Need some help. Have a 2018 Raptor with 74K miles. For the last few months I’ve consistently heard clicking/clunking noise which appears to be transmission/gears related. Most times it happens at low speeds (15-19MPH) and low RPMs when slightly accelerating. Took it in for service...
  17. C

    How serious is my chassis’s problem

    I went off roading with my 2019 raptor, after hitting a rock the part of the chassis that is holding the tire got slightly bent and shifted the bolt. The truck drives well and the wheel alignment is good at the moment. What problems I might be facing in the future? And what are my best options...
  18. S

    New member with a 'dilemma' of sorts..

    Hi all! New member from Missouri. I am happy to be on this forum, as I've read quite a few of very helpful posts! My current quandary is that I'm looking to get another truck. I have a decent amount experience with Fords, as I have owned nd built a 2003 SVT Cobra, as well as an older F-150...
  19. Shorrax86

    Looking for my first Raptor.

    Hi All! New here and learning about Raptors and how much you all love your trucks. I've been casually looking to purchase one and finally got the okay from the wife to start seriously looking and found have found a few but nothing that checked all the boxes. I found this 2019 Raptor that checks...
  20. Dirtypope

    Bronco Raptor confirmed

    what is your thought on that? The question is how much they would charge over MSRP? My dealer already told me $25K for the “R” https://www.autoblog.com/2021/09/14/ford-bronco-raptor/
  21. Pat_raptor

    1.5 readylift

    Has another done the 1.5 ready lift? I’m supposed to go in and do it today but now I’m not sure if I should after reading about it. I do take my gen 2 off roading pretty hard and love the ride but just wanna change the rake. Will the 1.5 change ride or make off roading worse?
  22. racingtodreams yt

    My 2013 Raptor hello guys!

    Hello, my YouTube is racing to dreams I hope some of you like my content going to be doing a svc skid plat install very soon. Ask any questions Im knowledgeable but am also looking to learn from you guys!
  23. R

    Do NOT use Livernois Motorsports' Tune (LME)

    Sadly, my experience with Livernois has been outright terrible. I tuned my 2018 Raptor with less than 15,000 miles on it with the Livernois High Performance Tune (with the MyCalibrator device). After LESS than 1,000 miles my exhaust stats blowing grey smoke. What is it? A completely destroyed...
  24. BabaMike

    What Color are you ordering ? Poll

    I see the thread ‘post your build’ Seems like a lot of us are leaning towards Code Orange. Lets see what other favourite colours are. Hopefully Ford will come out with more colours but for now these are the choices. (Still not official)
  25. Olsen Motorsports

    Olsen Gen 2 And Gen 3 Raptor Build Thread

    Finally getting around to doing this. Little background. My name is Tim and I own Olsen Motorsports on the west side of Chicago. We are a high end Porsche restoration/customization store. Focus mainly on high value older cars, and like any other business owner it drives me crazy and gives me...