1. Toadster

    GEN 2 POLL: SPD Trombone - do you drone?

    There are some of us who experience drone around 2K rpm with the SPD trombone, I'd like to run this poll to see if we can determine if it's a year/mileage thing... When I reached out to SPD they said my 2017 with 54k miles may have blown out the OEM muffler packing so it may drone - let's see if...
  2. Toadster

    GEN 2 has anyone else ordered the SPD 2017-2020 Ford Raptor 3.5L EcoBoost Equal Length Resonator Delete

    just when I thought I was done with add-ons, SPD comes out with this trombone midpipe 3.5L EcoBoost Equal Length Resonator Delete, RDFR20EL Our equal length resonator delete kit is a game changer for the Gen 2 Raptors. Now your Gen 2 can sound like a Gen 3! Our equal length "trombone"...
  3. Sunchild714

    WTB : Gen 2 Corsa Extreme Exhaust

    Looking for a Corsa Extreme exhaust setup for my 2018 Gen2. I'll also just take the Sport Muffler or Res delete if your looking to get rid of just one. Hit me up if you have something. Thanks
  4. ApacheAg

    Bit the bullet and bought a Borla Exhaust!

    Well... I finally broke down and just could not handle the stock sound of the Gen2. So many things I love about this truck, but sadly the exhaust note just seems to fall short of the mark of where it could have been. Now I understand and fully acknowledge the TTV6 will never be a V8 so it will...
  5. Jake226

    AWE 0FG for Sale

    Hey everybody, sold my Gen 2 a couple weeks ago and I’m listing my AWE 0FG that came off of it. I installed the AWE in April 2020. Took it off Jul 2021. It was on the truck for approximately 6,000 miles. There are quite a few threads on these kits. Some love them, some hate them. I was in...
  6. Tin Can Rap

    Sold my 2020, have accessories for sale

    As the title states I sold my 2020 and have a few accessories to sale. All located in Southwestern Pennsylvania, will ship/drive to meet within reason. Cobb Stage 1+ unmarried engine and transmission tune with Cobb Cold Air Intake *****Sold Cobb under hood coolant reservoir cover *Sale Pending...
  7. 2011SVT

    P0430 Code after Tune - Cat Issue?

    Hi all, long time reader here first time poster. Just bought an '11 SCREW in December and love my truck. Found it pretty much stock and started my build pretty soon after. Looking for some guidance on some issues I've been having to see if anyone has experienced them before. Truck has 137,00...
  8. J

    Borla S Type or ATAK

    Looking for all them Borla owners out there to chime in and let me know your thoughts. Considering the S type or the ATAK with the SPD turbo adapters on my 2019 Raptor. Is the ATAK really thatttt loud? My Neighbor’s already wanted to kill me with my Gen 1 I’m slightly worried the S type won’t...
  9. N

    2010 Raptor in So. Cal looking for stock exhaust...

    Hi there- I have a 2010 Ford F150 Raptor with the 6.2l motor. I'm looking for a stock used exhaust system, or just the stock catalytic converters from a stock system. Located in So. Cal! Thank you, NR
  10. aircooledTOM

    Exhaust. Performance not noise, Help me make a sleeper.

    I hate drone, I'm not a fan of useless noise. However, I definitely want to do something with my truck's exhaust and downpipes. I am in search of a throatier, more purposeful tone, but I do not want unnecessary noise, and I definitely don't want any drone. I'm a form follows function kinda...
  11. Pat86B


    Hey guys! Looks like there's a big chance of me switching into a "newer" Raptor than my current one, which already comes with some mods. Curious, but I only had these items installed on the truck for 2 weeks and less than 500 miles. PM me if you're interested in any of the following: - SOLD...
  12. Pat86B

    GEN2 Stock exhaust anyone?

    Who wants to buy a stock exhaust from a 2019 raptor with 16k miles? Looks and works great, no rust. Took it off to put an aftermarket one on. If interested, make an offer via PM!
  13. M

    **SOLD** AWE 2FG $375

    AWE 2FG exhaust for 2nd Gen Ford Raptor. This is the h-pipe that replaces the muffler. Had the exhaust on for less than an hour and took it off. It was too loud for me when the go pedal is floored. Idling and cruising it was awesome. This exhaust is $500 brand new not including shipping...
  14. smalls243

    Borla ATAK Exhaust

    Hey everyone, Wanted to thank the members of the forum for their reviews of the exhaust. I was poking around to get an idea of how people felt about it. I'd say Borla has some really great videos comparing the two. I ended up going w/ the ATAK and am very happy with it. It was about a 2 hour...
  15. JAndreF321

    Resonator Failure?

    Was walking past the truck today and saw what looked like hay in the exhaust pipe...closer inspection it looks like fiberglass. Google says it's the resonator failing. You guys have this happen? I don't think I care about the resonator, but I don't like the exhaust being unilaterally crappy.
  16. H

    GEN 2 18' Raptor Exhaust Question: AFE Catless Downs + Corsa Catless

    Need one help. I just bought this truck, and unfortunately cannot stand the sound of the exhaust. It sounds deep and rumbles nicely at stand still, but as soon as I get to 2500 RPM, and hit the gas, it sounds like a Honda Ricer. From all the videos I'm seeing or the corsa system, none sound like...
  17. C

    WTB 2018 Raptor Exhaust, BOV and CAI

    I am having a 2018 Raptor 3.5 TT delivered this week and want to add exhaust, TS BOV, and CA Intake. Going to have it tuned once I acquire these parts. If you have any of these for sale PM me or email cmotosales1 at gmail -Exhaust -Cold Air Intake -TurboSmart BOV thanks in advance
  18. Sara/AWE

    AWE Installs - Performance Vehicle Service and Installations Solutions

    Hey guys, those familiar with AWE know that for nearly 30 years we have been a go-to resource for installations and performance services. We've reorganized our service business and renamed it AWE Installs. This refreshed approach has opened up another option for those in the Southeast PA scene...
  19. PNW_AJ

    Aftermarket Intake and Exhaust?

    Hi there new raptor owner just bought the 2020 and love it. Was looking at getting a nice intake and exhaust for sound and possible performance increase. Was looking at AFE stage 2 intake and Borla S or ATAK. Advice from anyone that has this or a better recommendation?
  20. BajaLaz

    Full Titanium Catback Exhaust System!

    Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I have posted on the forum. Since I purchased my Raptor I have done a ton of work to and traveled around the country as well. The one thing I have noticed is that lack of a full titanium exhaust system for the platform. Now you might ask yourself...
  21. Colton1028

    WTB 2014 Raptor aftermarked exhaust

    I am looking for an exhaust for my 2014 Raptor, I would prefer the one that exits behind the rear tire rather than the bumper exit. Let me know what ya got. Thanks!
  22. G

    WTB: Corsa/any aftermarket Exhaust for 2012 SCREW.

    Looking for a used aftermarket exhaust system. Preferably a Corsa system, because I am looking for a used system with close to no drone on the highway. But if you have something else you are willing too get rid of, don't hesitate.
  23. Laynrockers07

    Exhaust sound thread

    is there a thread where everyone posted videos and sound clips along with their mods? I have always had v8’s and am looking for multiple sounds clips along with pics/info on all mods/exhaust work to help me make a decision for the v6-TT. Thanks in advance. KT
  24. Kazoo

    Exhaust installer recommendation near Niagara Falls NY

    Can anyone recommend a good exhaust installation shop in/around Niagara falls NY? Im considering having an AWE Tuning 0FG exhaust shipped up to a mailbox service in Niagara Falls and want to have it installed on my Gen2 while im across the border from Ontario.
  25. EthanPitz

    How to clean Gen 1 stock exhaust

    I recently got my hands on a 2013 Raptor Crew Cab. What is the best way to clean the stock exhaust tips? Thanks!