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you guys asked for it

Discussion in 'The Car Stereo Company' started by The Car Stereo Company, Dec 30, 2014.

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    Jul 8, 2012
    here, on frf
    lets kick off the new year with a bang..... er boom boom....

    i have been able to secure discount pricing on focal, mosconi and arc audio products for the first half of the month. now is the time if you want to get into a high quality sq (sound quality) system for much less than it would normally cost. as per manufacturers guidelines, i can not post pricing online, but pm me and will get a quote off to you. we use these three brands on all of our high end audio builds. paired with a new sub(s) and box you can have the best system around (second to me of course). the special is for the first 2 weeks of january only, after that, i will no longer be able to receive the discount.

    FOCAL..... need we say more? they have an awesome line up of speakers ranging from modest to extreme. they have the best sound dampening material on the market to date. we have done many vehicles in this product and since we took this line, we have stopped selling other brands of sound deadening. it is that good.

    MOSCONI...... not quite as well known as focal, however, you have heard me talk about their sound processors. this is, what i think, to be the best processor out there. we have done several of them and have never had one complaint. if you decide to go really high end, their amplifiers are insane.

    ARC AUDIO....... another not as well known brand, but their amplifiers are awesome. several of our high end systems use these amplifiers. they have great sound, superior noise protection, integrated circuitry to prevent clipping and damaging speakers at high volume (a common issue with most other class d amplifiers) and power out the wazoo. the best solution for space and cost. it is the recommended amplifier without going to MOSCONI

    combine this setup with an audiomobile (crewcab) or a jl audio (supercab) subwoofer or two and you got yourself an awesome sounding system.

    for those of you that dont know, i run the MOSCONI 6to8 processor and as200.4 amplifiers, FOCAL 165WR-C and FLAX speakers, 2 AUDIOMOBILE GTS 10" subwoofers in my truck. these are all products that i am familiar with and have a deep knowledge of. some of you know that, as i have spent late nights with you on the phone while i have tuned your system from here.

    if any of you have questions, feel free to ask. you know i will respond at almost any hour. take advantage of this since discounts on these products do not come around very often.

    hope you all have a merry new year.

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