New to the Raptor have a few Q's? (Salt Lake City, Utah)

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    Dec 6, 2016
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    Hello everybody!
    I just bought a 2012 Ford Raptor SVT. My question to you guys is:

    The truck already has a K&N intake, are there better options or should I leave it? (based off of the questions below)

    I already blew the power steering pump, I know of a few options as far as upgraded reservoirs, BUT I want to know if there is a rebuild kit for the pump itself? Or a fairly priced aftermarket or OEM pump?

    Also, what are the best exhaust options. I like the look and sound (from youtube) of corsa but I also strive to push the N/A motor to its limits... ;)
    One last thing, should I do a five star tune or look into other options such as EFI live or HP tuners?

    I come from the forced induction JDM platform, this is my first domestic truck so I figured the forums is the best place to come for product review and true testing of the "best".

    Thanks in advance!
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    Welcome to the site... Enjoy the ride... Good luck with your upgrades and repair...
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