Have a year for New Raptor to arrive. I want to complete my Gen 2 Big Turbos and Fox Shocks upgrade?

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Mark Basler

Jan 23, 2021
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I have Goose Tuned setting up Big Turbos with 1050 injectors and custom tune 93 oct on Cobb. I will not be able to pick up new 2024 /25 R till 2025 March or April- I ordered.
I am keeping my 2018 too many memories and even more work truck is awesome with lots of upgrades it's pushing with Big Turbos 700 plus HP and 550-580HP at wheels.

My last item on Gen 2 2018 Raptor is shocks? I want to either upgrade to Fox Race 3.0 or Fox Race 3.0 Live valve? I would add the E-Click to live valve? This is another $3-4k on top of cost of Shocks? Is live valve that much better? Or am I fine sticking with Race 3.0? Thank you