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**moved to correct 6.2 forum** 2013 Raptor - Engine / Performance Issue

Discussion in 'Ford Raptor Engine Discussion and Performance Mods' started by MitchellB, Apr 28, 2019.

  1. MitchellB

    MitchellB Member

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    Jul 10, 2017
    Need some help/input on an issue my 2013 has. Here it goes:
    Live in CA
    118k miles

    1. When weather gets very hot like say above 90 it will drop power, one example was a day last summer the worst I power loss experienced was on a 100+ degree day it dropped all acceleration power and would have to completely press the gas pedal to the floor to get any acceleration and would it would have to press all the down to raise any level of rpms to get downshift. Just lost all acceleration power like goes into a limp mode.
    2. Drove from CA to NM and on way back going on freeway inclines it would have to press further down on pedal to get acceleration just feeling like it is laboring heavy like pulling a 50k lb trailer without wheels.
    The engine would only accelerate when pedal pressed almost all the way down.
    3. Most increased inclines on highways especially it just labors getting up. Almost like a moped carrying 4 people going up a mountain.
    4. On light acceleration at times I can hear a slight light ping sound from what I think is right bank.
    If I put a tune on from 5star it gets much louder and frequent.
    5. I don’t know if this would impact performance but Fuel tank will fill only to 26g but has 36g tank. Unplug the tank line to charcoal canister and it will fill completely in CA because of the pump cover. Out of state gas pumps without the cover will fill all the way without unplugging the line because air can escape through filler neck.
    - I believe I need a new charcoal canister.
    6. Engine fan seems to come on quickly but not sure if normal
    *No check engine lights ever have come up during any power drop etc

    Changes/new Parts I have installed or checked on:
    Ford dealer checked trans and changed fluid - could not replicate any issues according to them
    Ford dealer ignition balance test - wanted to change plugs for $1300 dollars and one coil. Before I took it there I had already done the plugs so I installed new ones again after telling them no thanks on the $1300 plug change. I changed the plugs again but didn’t improve anything and I also changed all coils but no change. (Returned the new coils lol)
    I have checked the mode6 data during drive cycles and see I get a couple random misfires here and there on various cylinders but sometimes seems a few more on random cylinders on right bank if I recall. Not sure if these few random misfires are normal. Between 1 to 8 misfires here and there example cyl 1 could have 2, cyl 5 with 1, and cyl 4 with 4 during a couple cycles.
    Fuel pump
    EVAP solenoid on the intake
    O2’s all 4
    Tried swapping all new coils
    Plugs twice
    Gets louder sounds like pinging from right bank with any of the 5star tunes I put on.

    **What I think is left that can be a problem after parts chasing like an idiot:
    1. Catalytic converter(s) bad
    2. Torque converter but wouldn’t explain the ping
    3. EVAP canister but not sure it could cause that large of an issue
    4, maybe alternator is weak (no electrical issues I have noticed though.)
    5. Cylinder head temp sensors bad ? Parts chase stretch
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  2. Trick.Raptor

    Trick.Raptor The Cracker Raptor

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    Nov 7, 2014
    Santa Maria, CA
    Have you checked Fuse 27? If not it could be getting hot but not completely blowing.

  3. aj.cruz

    aj.cruz Full Access Member

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    Jul 21, 2015
    San Antonio, TX
    Not sure, but since you're listing parts to throw at it, fuel injectors?
    Do you run high octane or occasionally put injector cleaner in it?
    My wife's suburban started misfiring. After changing plugs, plug wires, and coils I realized she always uses 87 gas and NEVER puts injector cleaner in.
    Cleaning the injectors fixed it.

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  4. EricM

    EricM FRF Addict

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    May 11, 2016
    Cincinnati, OH
    I'd log a bunch of PIDs and try to figure out what's happening. Load, RPMs, Fuel Pump Duty Cycle, Injector pulse width, MAF counts, spark timing etc. There has to be something in there that's going to look whack and lead you down a path.
  5. COBRA90GT

    COBRA90GT Full Access Member

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    Oct 16, 2013
    What's your air intake tract look like (aftermarket CAI or condition of air filter/box - open element filter sitting inside of engine bay possibly) ?
  6. BenBB

    BenBB Full Access Member

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    Apr 21, 2016
    Lots of different places
    Wondering if it would throw a code (or store it) for overheating. I remember seeing in the owner's manual the overheat "failsafe" wherin it will essentially shut off cylinders, but if that were happening, or say the temp sender was defective, surely the info screen would display a wrench or light up SES. Unless it's the PCM itself. But the symptoms do sound like some kind of limp mode...the ping/detonation is another story though, can you hear that when it's hot and doggy?

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