GooseTuned Gen 3 - Baseline Dyno Runs vs Gen 2 Baseline!

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Aug 24, 2018
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New Mexico
EDIT (11/17/2022) - Official tuning support via the COBB Accessport is now released!! Check out this post: HERE

Hey guys! So I figured I'd post here about the findings on the dyno today with our new Gen 3.

No ethanol blends, just premium. Typical fall weather.

Fuel: 91oct
Weather: 85* in dyno room
Pull Gear: 5th

Gen 3
Stock HP - 382whp
Stock Torque - 517wtq

dryno baseline.png

The torque down low is awesome, very very surprising! The truck almost feels like it has a mild tune on it over a Gen 2. What is nice about today is I was actually able to get a stock Gen 2 on immediately after; same fuel, same dyno, same day for comparison sake.

Gen 2
Stock HP - 355whp
Stock Torque - 404wtq

So the Gen 3 made 27whp more, and 113wtq over the Gen 2. Stock vs Stock. Now this particular Gen 2 in comparison ended up picking up a TON of power on pump 91oct, STOCK!! But that'll be in an upcoming Vlog! Here is the Gen 2 vs Gen 3 comparison Dyno chart

gen 3 vs gen 2 baseline.png

As always you guys feel free to ask any questions! And don't forget to follow/Like/Subscribe on Youtube please! I'll be posting this as well as other Gen 3 findings!
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Jan 13, 2017
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That’s nuts. I can’t believe there was that much driveline loss in torque for the Gen 2 vs Gen 3. How does the Gen 3 feels vs your Gen 2 when ran on e85?


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Mar 20, 2020
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The drive-thru
I think it's weird how Ford didn't advertise this bump in HP/TQ better, how many people complained about the same engine specs when the Gen 3 was revealed? If you factor in the ~20% driveline loss in the Gen 2 and compare it to the Gen 3 we get about 460 HP and 620 TQ at the crank for the Gen 3. I think if it was properly advertised people wouldn't have been poo-pooing the Gen 3 as much.


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Aug 31, 2018
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That is incredible, over 100wtq more power! Ford came out and advertised the same numbers as the gen 2. I wonder if they are just trying to keep the hype up around the R coming soon. Still, Ford probably would have attracted a lot more interest if they advertised that big of a difference in performance from a gen 2. Can't wait to see how much power you can get out of these @GooseTuned