Gen 3 vs Gen 2, 4 weeks switching back and forth

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Jan 31, 2019
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Ogden Utah
Doing this as a service, but roasting or counter arguments welcome. Summary: upgrading to Gen 3 from Gen 2 was completely worth it for me.

Pulled trigger on slightly used 2023 37 PP in IC, while I still had my 2019 white 802A. Couldn’t wait for 2024 shelter green order anymore when I saw the 37 PP silver… she is just gorgeous. No suck a55 moon roofs on either. Drove one for a day, then the other, for about a month before buyer of the 2019 Gen 2 sent shipping truck. Here is a summary of what I felt and saw:
1) the 37 package is huge visual +…. Just looks bigger and badder. Friends and family agree… completely next level cosmetic experience
2) the ability to adjust exhaust, suspension and steering is great and I’m still not bored with trying different combos, seeing if some optimize mileage and which eat the roughs best
3) infotainment and CarPlay and display speeds… good heavens Gen 2 sucks in comparison
4) ride feel and over steer and fast speed stability… comparing here isn’t quite apples to apples because the KO2s on the new truck have 15K and the Gen 2 KO2s had 26K… generally KO2s go noticeably loud for me after 20K. That said, the Gen 3 felt slightly “less tight” for me but this could be adjusted in settings. For bumps in the road, hands down suspension in Gen 3 much better. Rather than droning on here there isn’t a huge difference in ride between the two and I’d give the trophy to Gen 3 for the flexibility
5) cabin in the Gen 3 just seems bigger. More space everywhere. My family agrees. I haven’t checked specs or measured, but the FEEL is just more spacious.
6) I didn’t like decals on the Gen 2, but I like them on the Gen 3 37 PP.

And although not a Gen 2 vs Gen 3 thing, iconic silver really is the best color . Dirt hard to notice unless mudded out. I will add pictures later when not using airport internet.

Edit: Tried to add pics... couldn't get it to work.
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Dec 16, 2013
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L'Anse, MI
We purchased a gen3 in December of 22 for my wife and I had a gen2 myself, and after driving the gen3 and getting back in my gen2, the gen2 felt stiff and jittery over bumps. Gen3 is a 35 truck. After driving both trucks for a year I really started noticing the differences.
Now the my gen2 had about 35k miles on it, so it wasn't a great comparison, but I took that into consideration.
In the in the end, I found a new 2023 37pp near me for 1k under sticker that was my perfect build, so I pulled the trigger.
There were things about the gen2 I liked better like the analog gages and the quieter exhaust. Personal preferences. But, I'm absolutely frustrated with the stereo in my new gen3. Sounds terrible, can't get it adjusted the way I like, and when it's on Sirius xm it sounds like only the dash speaker is working.
Overall though, I really like my new truck and prefer the gen3 over the gen2.