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  • If you want some help, removing the drivers that are not working.
    Give me a shout to my email [email protected]

    But if you just follow my instructions in that other post it should work.
    noticed you are in Ashburn, VA and saw your post about getting on a waiting list for a 2017. is that even possible this early in the game??? I am near by and was rather interested in this statement...
    Hey Raptor911. How do you like the Terrain? I will be ordering Terrain 2014 in about a month. did you powder coat your rims?
    Hey man, Just wondering if you could check that VIN number for me?? Id really appreciate it! 1FTFW1R61DFB50805 Thanks.
    I sent u an email but it may have went to spam since there was no "topic" entry. We emailed back n forth a while back regarding you contact @ Van Bortel. Wondering if the contact is still good and if it is still Steve? I'm ready to pull the trigger so any advice would greatly be appreciated? Sorry for both messages, but I wasn't sure the first went through on your personal email or not? Thanks again, Billy Sepeck 703-926-9396
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