1. R

    Undecided… need y’all’s help

    I have 2018 802A. I have stock COBB TCM and 93 Octane tunes. Anyone who owns a Raptor has heard of Goosetune. I’ve spoken with him a couple of times, awesome dude. Now here’s where I need help. For those of you that have his TCM and 93 Octane tune, is it worth it and why? I guess I just...
  2. sweatnblood

    Goose Tuned & Ready to go

    So after doing a bunch of research I decided to go with GooseTune. What a awesome guy! Always super quick to answer all my questions & make suggestions…not to mention how awesome the customer service was as a whole. I ended up buying the upgraded Turbos and of course with my luck something was...
  3. GooseTuned

    GooseTuned Gen 3 - Baseline Dyno Runs vs Gen 2 Baseline!

    EDIT (11/17/2022) - Official tuning support via the COBB Accessport is now released!! Check out this post: HERE Hey guys! So I figured I'd post here about the findings on the dyno today with our new Gen 3. No ethanol blends, just premium. Typical fall weather. Fuel: 91oct Weather: 85* in...

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