Gen 2 Raptor - Patent Pending Plug N Play Harness System For ALL Light Models/Brands Incl Reverse Lights, Backlights, Marker Lights, Switches & more..

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Jul 15, 2017
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We developed our Plug N Play Wire Harness System about 2 years ago. It was introduced on the Motor Trend Channel in Spring of 2021.

It was so unique, we filed a patent on it. The Patent is in its final stages to be finalized, however, the products are available now.

What makes it so special? Well. The problem most consumers have when installing their lights are understanding the wiring and the manual customization required to splice, and integrate wires to combine lights, add or remove relays and even access factory features like reverse light triggers, Tail Lights, Marker Lights, Parking Lights ETC.

Many will tell you to use a "Fuse Tap". We have Plug In components to add to your headlights, or tail lights with factory connectors that simply plug in to the vehicle and plug into any of our harnesses.

Much like a Lego Set. You can simply pick out pieces and plug them in to accomplish whatever you want. This includes full length harnesses for rear lights that go to switches alone. Or, you can plug in our tail light adapters for automatic reverse triggers for reverse and backlights with the tail/parking light circuit. Or, you can get our short harness to the lights only and our tail light adapter. All of our tail light adapters have built in diodes so there is no back feed to your tail lights.
Each harness comes with a common 3 port connector that can be used with included connectors for lights with bare wires or plugged into our matching adapters to plug into any light model or brand.

We released these kits with popular lights a long time ago. So there are kits for Diode Dynamics, Rigid and Baja Designs. Our Brackets are also universal and can be moved anywhere under the rear bumper. Not just the outer sides. We just think they look better spread out. You can also put them center on each side of the hitch. However, our harness system can be used with any lights. Including FLUSH MOUNTS should you prefer those.

Here are some links to the plug n play rear kits-

Our Fog Kits ALSO utilize our Plug N Play Harness System. Lights with Backlights, like the Rigid Radiance Or Diode Dynamics can utilize our Plug In Headlight Adapter for backlights with the Parking/Marker Lights. While the Diode Dynamics wiring with their Fog kit is complex and confusing. Ours just plugs in. You can connect each light pair to a separate 3 switches. Or you can add our 2 or 3 way splitters at the switch wire ends and plug n play combine them. No twisting wires together. If you ever want to separate them again. You can unplug and rearrange them.

Here are Some of our Fog Kits-

Our A-Pillar Kits are the Same way. If you have backlights, you can use our headlight adapter. You can even share those backlights with our plug n play splitters to multiple lights and light bars with our various harnesses.

Here is one of our A-Pillar Kits-

We also developed mounting solutions for the Stock Bumper to hold any 40" Curved light bar, including the Full Size Rigid E-Series or Radiance..

Here are some examples-

When I was talking about splitters and relays that can be added on. Here are some links to those for reference. Our 2 and 3 way splitters can be added to the ends of harnesses to combine them to single switches, or to split connections to backlights from factory marker/headlight/tail light adapters-

Our Light END Splitters can plug into the end of our harnesses to split the end to add 2 or more lights instead of one-

Our Harness End Light Adapters can plug into any of our harness to match any light model or brand (Can be selected with harnesses as a kit too)

Our Relay adapter can plug into any of our harnesses should you need a relay for some extra juice if your AUX switch can't handle it.

Of course we talked about tail light adapters and headlight adapters, but here they are-

We also created some additional kits like our numbered switch wire extensions that you can add to your switch wires for numbered 1-6 wires with connectors to plug right into our harnesses as well as a prep pack that you can add to all wires and pass throughs in your Bronco/Raptor-

Then we have Light bar Harnesses, Fog Light, A-Pillar and Rear Harnesses that can all plug n play and interconnect to any components in the system-

For a basic demonstration of the system. Here is a video clip from its introduction on Motor Trend in Spring of 2021-

Here are some more videos on some of these kits, harnesses and installs-

There is some renewed interest in hitch lights as well. We developed our Hitch light kits for these trucks in 2017. Currently we offer them in the Full Size Rigid D-Series or Baja Squadron. Here is a video and links.

The idea is that these are inexpensive and require no "Installation". You plug them into the 7 pin. You can LOCK them with a hitch lock, and you can remove them when you want to use a trailer...

We would love to hear from you. If anyone has questions, or comments or ideas they would like to discuss. Please reach out to us!





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Jul 11, 2017
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In the middle of a huge project with my truck these harnesses will make my life so much easier not having to use vampire clips and such. thank you. is it okay to PM you with questions if and when I have any?


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Sep 15, 2021
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Just ordered your spare fuse pack, awesome kit to throw in the truck! Thank you for a cool offering.



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Nov 12, 2019
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Orlando, Fl
These harnesses are no joke bad ass! Ordered some a couple weeks ago and made the wiring job super simple. way better than making your own, and I actually like making wiring harnesses and doing wiring on vehicles. If you are on the fence don’t hesitat, you will not be disappointed.


Jan 5, 2023
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Southern California
Just installed the Rigid rear lights over the weekend. Absolutely awesome and bright! Looks factory. The amount of light in reverse is astonishing. Bright as day. Great product and fairly simple install


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