SPV Parts Patented Plug N Play Harness Allows you to build ANY Harness for ANY Light, Vehicle, and Combination you want! (Beware of Cheap Copycats)

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Jul 15, 2017
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US Utility Patent - US11699537B2

Our Harnesses use the HIGHEST Grade 200C temp rating (Which is almost 400 degrees F, vs general wiring you get that is normally heat rated at 105C (200 degrees F) We only use the HIGHEST quality materials.

Watch this heat test video-

This is how it works... We have MAIN components, Extensions, Adapters, Relays, Splitters, etc....

You can start with our ORIGINAL Switch Wire Numbered Extensions, Prep Pack or Pig Tails- (Or use the INCLUDED Add on Connectors that come with each main Harness. Pig Tails use the connectors in the harness kits)

With these, you can simply plug into any of our harnesses, splitters, etc.

Then pick your main harness-
Triple Fog- (Or 3 Pairs of lights) (16AWG Wire PER)
Single Pair Fog Harness (Or 2 Pairs of Lights) (12AWG Wire) (Handles HD Light Pairs)

Standard Light Bar Harness (12AWG Wire new model, previous 14AWG)
Short Light Bar Harness (14AWG)
HD Light bar Harness (10AWG)
A-Pillar Ditch Light Harness (12AWG)

Full Rear Harness (12AWG New Model/14AWG Previous)
Short Rear Harness WITH Tail Light Adapter (14AWG)
From there, you have adapters which will match to ANY Light Make or Model from almost ANY company. Each harness has 3 wires so if you have backlights, you can power them and if not, you just don't access that wire. Each of our harnesses INCLUDE connector packs to add to lights that don't have connectors and to your switch wires. However, you can simply select the connector style you need for the harness in the selection menu. Here are those adapters though separate so you can see them. This video explains.
DT 2 Way Adapter
DT 3 Way Adapter
DT 4 Way Adapter
WP 2 Way Adapter
The really cool thing about this system is. If you decide to change lights on your truck. No matter if it has backlights or not and no matter the brand. You don't change harnesses. You just swap out the adapters.
In fact, just like Audio/Video Cables, USB Cables, etc. You can take them with you to your next vehicle. They are FUTURE PROOF. Even if you want to change the the lights on them.
Next we have our add on relay adapter.. If you need more power than your switch provides you can just plug in this relay adapter. If not, less bulk. Just go straight to the switch wires...
From there you have a vast array of splitters. Check out this video on the splitters-
We have splitters of all sizes. Some, you can use to combine into switches or powered circuits. Others to add multiple lights to one harness end.
Now lets say you have backlights and want to connect them to work with your vehicles electrical system. Or want reverse light triggers without cutting, splicing or fuse taps. You simply add one of our Headlight, Marker Light or Tail Light Adapters.
This video explains-
Well hopefully you are catching on... because we aren't done yet.... I want to emphasize again that the main component harness NAMES are really just suggestions. Just because it says "Light Bar Harness" or "Fog Light Harness" doesn't mean you need to use it for that. It is basically a framework. So for example. Lets say you have a Chase Rack and you want to put a light bar on it. That's way back there. A normal light bar harness isn't long enough on its own... so you can make it whatever you want with our Extensions...
We have extensions for the beginning, to the switches... and at the end, to the lights. You can add an extension to BOTH ENDS on a fog harness, or to a light bar harness... Or Chase Rack or Roof.

Here they are-

I think you are getting it!!! Lets keep going!!
So for those guys who want Amber lights and Clear lights all in one harness. Sure, you can use 2 harnesses here... That's one of many options... However, we added our crossover adapter series to allow you to pull a separate connection from the 3rd wire for ONE light and a different one for the Red wire for another (When you don't have backlights on the harness). We also made a set of crossover Adapter Splitters so you can add 2 connections wit separate switches at one junction... (This is very popular for the guys with the behind the grille light kits) Check out the video!
Ok... So we are still going... Lets see what else we can do...
If you have a Rear harness that goes to the switch wires and has a tail light adapter. It can supply power to a front harness for backlights as well by plugging in this coupler and the two harnesses together.
What if you have lights that are RGBW.... They require tapping the backlight power wire on the battery to change colors.... Well, we created an IN-LINE tap switch that you can plug into our harnesses between our headlight adapters and marker or tail light adapters to easily change colors...
Ok, goodness, we aren't done yet... Lets see what else we can do....
What about factory fog connections...
We have a series of fog light adapters... Sure, that's not something completely unique for a standard 2 wire fog adapter. We do have those here.... but we also have our 3 pole adapters that have a 3rd wire for backlights. No clipping or splicing. You just interconnect with our other harnesses..
Even Splitter versions for 2 lights on ONE!
But now... how do you get that power down there to those ports for backlights?
Well, you can use our backlight Y harness-
Or if you have another harness down there in the vicinity... our backlight port tap adapters....
Ok... So we also have so many that just want to COMBINE their OEM Fog lights to one switch on their Raptors.. So we have these Molex Splitters...
But what if you want to move those connections to a central located spot to hook up a different harness to the Aux 1 or Fog switch buried in the bumper... Well you can with our relocation harness. The it can connect to any of our other harnesses-
What if you have a Base Gen 3 Raptor and want to put take off OEM Fog lights in and connect to the Aux switches? We have a Plug N play harness for that..
We have adapters that match our harnesses to go to the Molex Connectors Ford used on the OEM Rigid lights too.

These are but a few examples of how you can plug and play your way to virtually any custom harness configuration you can imagine. Its simply about picking the right pieces....

We would love to help you with that. Whoever out there that has used our system, please chime in and let us know how you liked them!

Feel free to contact us for advice on what to order, how to configure and any help...

If you purchase any of OUR light kits...(SPV Branded) You will get our harnesses with them. Though you may want to add a few pieces to make them work with other kits, add features, etc... You will be on the road to simplicity!


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