First time Raptor owner. Siiikkedd!! Pics inside + new video

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May 4, 2023
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West Chester, PA
Been following along for a while. Finally time to break the ice.

My raptor purchase was a bit of a whim. Last year I grabbed a 2013 golf R as my personal ride as I wanted to get into a manual again before they go obsolete. Have owned multiple VW's so was an easy call. Fun car.

The reality is, I have wanted and need a truck for some time. Have owne multiple SUV's and previously a 2004 burgundy F-150 super cab. Loved that truck, too.

All of the sudden about 6 weeks ago I just decided the time is near. I just didn't realize how near. I've always loved raptors but became enamored with the electric truck craze. Was gonna wait until next year to pull the trigger on an electric truck. After real world feedback started pouring in, it's clearly not the time. So I decided I was gonna go for a lower mileage Gen 2.

Ended up with a single owner, stock, near mint 802a with recaro's. I know the recaros are controversial, but I fell in love with them.

Owned the truck for about 5 weeks and it's honestly better than I imagined.

52k, ingot silver. Previous owner did all their own maintenance and changed oil religiously. No current issues, LOL. I know that will change but getting prepared.and got an extended warranty.

So far, I dropped on a bed cover (xt15 canvas roll) and installed some RC fogs. Love both mods.