Another Sad Thread About a Dealer Fr*cking Up An Oil Change

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Mar 20, 2020
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The drive-thru
Here we go again...

This is a much belated story but here it goes:

Short story: Quick Lane not only forgot to use the correct oil, but also did not change the filter and instead monkey bashed it and left it on. Who knows if the oil was even changed... sorry Rap

Long story (because I know you're reading this while hiding from your in-laws while taking a much longer than necessary trip to the porcelain princess): This spring I had the joy (read: misery) of attending FLETC down in Brunswick GA. For those uninitiated - beach good / town bad. Now due to the particularly depressing nature of FLETC and the living conditions there (ever share a motel room with another grown ass man for 3 months?) I decided to ship the Rap from CA to GA.

Now unfortunately, I needed an oil change as I'm a every 5k kind of Raptor owner and was not originally planning on putting on many miles while I was away in training. And since I'm living in temporary barracks for the next few months - I'm incapable of DIYing this one. So fine - I order AMSOIL 5W-30 liquid gold and call to make an appointment. Quick lane it is because I do not have any free time and Saturdays is the only time I can bring it in. I call the dealer to make the arrangements and to double check that they're okay with me bringing in my own oil - all good there.

Head down to Kings Colonial Ford and here's where things begin to go wrong. I drop off the truck with AMSOIL & filter in the back seat, confirm with the front desk person to use the oil I brought in the backseat and wait patiently for it to be done... Time's up, truck is ready. Get presented with the bill and .... lo and behold I'm being charged for oil....

Now this is a character fault of mine, I'll admit but I'm polite to a fault and figure - if the oil is already in the truck then what's the point of arguing and if the shop/tech could not figure it out the first time how could they get it right a second time? One of those - 'just eat the damn burger or they're going to spit in it the second time' kind of deals. I pay, and leave not wanting to spend any more time there... fresh AMSOIL & filter still in the backseat right where I left it.

Fast forward.....

Enter last week: Another 5000 smiles have come and gone - time to change the oil again only this time - its a much more reliable mechanic: me.

That original AMSOIL is now with me back in CA, yes it went across the continental US not once but twice.

First issue: The torx bolts on the skid plate drop panel are REALLY on there tight. Like tighter than my impact socket can handle... where's my breaker bar.... thanks Quick Lane
Second issue: I'm looking up at my oil filter and wait.. what is that... is Motorcraft using black filters now? That's strange I thought the MC stuff was white but maybe that's just my imagination oh well... It comes off without much of a fight and wait. WAIT. WHAT IN THE HECK.

Photos don't do this thing justice. This poor AMSOIL filter looks more used and abused than a Camp Lejeune barracks rat stripper in the back of a 29% interest Dodge Charger kind of abused. Dented, rusted, clearly hit with a few different tools.

Not sure how/why (remember the part when I said it came off with minimal effort using my oil filter wrench?) but they really did a number on this thing - and who knows if they even touched the oil. My one saving grace is this is why you buy quality oil/filters. Really a shame, this is also why I'm paranoid and do all my own maintenance on this truck - the one time I'm incapable of doing so and it bites me and the Rap in the ass.



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Sep 20, 2020
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Ahh Barracks and the fine fine ladies that are drawn to them. The ones that haunted the Horno area of Camp Pendleton were specimens to say the least. Also don't take your truck to those "oil change" places.


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Dec 16, 2016
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Also don't take your truck to those "oil change" places.
Agreed. I saw where they stripped out the oil drain hole, threw the bolt out and stuck a rubber plug in a car to get the oil change done in whatever time they’d allotted. I was in with the boss’s truck so that taught me the oil change lesson.


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May 26, 2018
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You explain you don't DIY bcs of time, I understand ...I prefer to not sleep than let my truck to an unknown person...
Last year , I had front actuator driver door failed/broken...Could use the truck and open it with the manual key, so I was not in hurry, I was still under waranty, but I had prefered to do the job myself...And of course, everything were fine and is still fine !!!
We support you in your pain, sorry again for you...


Jun 20, 2018
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I have to take my work truck (Superduty) in for Maintence through Wheels leasing. I watch thos clowns like a hawk the entire time. One time they did and air filter. Opened the hood a day or so later cause someone wanted a look ti reference something. Low and behold airbox not even attached and air filter (Old one) just sitting in there not even set in the box. I lost my shit as I go to oil field places with alot of dust. I went in and said you now own this engine if it ever fails for dirst ingestion. I usually dont look under the hood but once a month. That could have been tragic. They would never touch my own truck. Dont care if I had to skip a night sleep to do it.