Is there a way to wire 12VDC always on through an aux switch (for "master override" to turn off)?

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Apr 17, 2017
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I'm just generally curious, but I have two different use cases. One is for a dashcam that can go into "sentry mode" while stationary and I'd like to keep it powered 24x7x365 by default (it's on the OEM hardwire kit that automatically cuts off at some specific voltage so it won't actually kill the battery). This aux would be on all the time but I'd turn it off in rare cases where I proactively know I don't want the dash cam draining anything (like airport long term parking, I guess?). My other example is for a radio repeater that I'd leave off most of the time but on rare occasions I want it active with no concerns about it losing power.

I bought the stuff for FORSCAN but have never actually used it (the point being, "is this a FORSCAN config I could play with?"). Maybe I'm dumb and the aux switches are always on in the first place? That'd be neat!


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Jun 12, 2021
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I did this to my aux 5 to have a 12v outlet on the bed. worked great for few month and kept blowing the fuse so i just hardwired rear 12v straight to the battery and made a switch on the bed.