WaveTrac Differential - Gauging Interest

Discussion in 'Ford F-150 Raptor General Discussions [GEN 2]' started by bumwhine, Jan 17, 2018.

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    Jun 13, 2017
    Does it really matter "how" you hear there's little to no interest?
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    Dude I'm trying to be polite thus far. You are the ignorant one here. The wavetrac is called a lunchbox locker for a reason. It's a downgrade for a raptor owner and I'm surprised you would even create a thread asking people to sign up for a really stupid idea. You do any actual rock crawling or off roading other than your magazine racing? Ever used a locker on rocks or deep snow wheeling? Doesn't seem like you have.

    Your next thread: gauging interest to swap out the 3.5tt for the 2.7.
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    It's a complete diff replacement (carrier and all), so not a lunchbox locker. Lunchbox lockers are drop-in differential replacements that retain the OE carrier assembly and are ALMOST always terrible ideas. Not necessarily because of the deferential assembles, but because OE carriers can't handle the increased stress. But it's not always the case...the Detroit Locker application for the 14 bolt full-floater is a drop-in and its flat out awesome. But that's because the 14b FF axle and carrier assembly are flat out awesome.

    Anyway, off on a tangent here...

    Cut the guy some slack. While I agree it's prolly a step down from the factory electric locker for most, there is a case to be made for this type of diff for many. Granted, I'm not one off them. I like my selectable, true locker. Would be nice though to have a diff that behaved this way under normal, everyday conditions, but then could be fully locked on command. I wanna say I've heard of and LSD/selectable locker on the market.

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    I think discussing is healthy good or bad interest. It lets others know what individuals hold in value of based on the life they live. It’s the main reasons I find forums so much more fascinating than any social media. We are here for a very specific reason.

    So neat. Either way I think it’s a decent differential and would make the world of difference on my other trail truck which did originally have an electrical locking rear. It blew from the abuse and the one I have now has stood up to far far worse abuse than the e locker ever did. Different manufacturers, different trucks, hardly a fair comparison. Put simply, there is a very large market for a diff style like this. Probably not with the people that have grown to love the factory e locker.

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