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  • Hello, did you by chance go by the NOLA Auto lot to see if the car lot was legitimate. They have the grey 2018 raptor for sale.
    Hey man, I saw your raptor at one point had carbon front fenders and bedsides replaced, could I ask who made those carbon parts? Also hows the fit? Thanks!
    Hey man so I installed the Full Race Catch Can on my 2019 and I keep getting the P0456 code. I've verified all the hoses are routed properly and that the sensor is plugged in correctly. I've cleared the code as well as the KAM and it still keeps popping up. The truck idles fine, just getting the light. Any ideas of things I may not have checked for?
    Hey man, I went on a run in Canada with the fullrace radiator and transmission cooler. What temps is your truck running? Mine was between 205/215 in 50deg temps. I’m thinking it ran cooler with the oem radiator. Did you just cap the nipples on the driver side end? Not sure what purpose they serve and can’t get an answer from full race. You can reply via text if that’s easier. Jeff Lanieu 315-663-4543. Thanks
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