To those considering a first generation raptor

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Nov 21, 2012
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Athens, Alabama
Thank you to @John M BUNMAN !!!!!!!!!!! I just spent the last hour and forty min watching Raptor Born in Baja....on Youtube It was AWSOME!!!!!! if you haven't seen it........ you own a raptor you should. @Gen1TillDeath "mandatory" kinda implies it is punishment, it is so not. LOL

Since it is technically the wife's daly it just became "mandatory" going to watch it again with her.
Aw man I have it in a SD card in my center console, didn’t think to bring it up, but I’m glad you watched it.


Jan 8, 2021
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Pittsburgh, PA
So, you are seriously considering a first gen for SVT Raptor. Mine is a 2013. There some common things to consider - at least from my file of receipts. Number one - and you know this. Early Raptors get a real world MPG of 9.5 to 11.8 MPG. If you have added an aftermarket tune profile...that means the gas in premium/super grade...not cheaper regular unleaded. Then, realize that the truck weighs over 6.000 pounds. This results in me only getting 18,000 miles between complete brake jobs. And trust me, after getting even slightly airborne....expect regular alignments. A lot of these early 1st gen Raptors can have some ghosts in the complex electrical system. This includes some pricy things like ECM, BCM and PCM modules. Those Foxx Shocks don't last forever either. I have gotten great rebuilt Foxx units from Texas Shock Works. Like I said, these are on the heavy side for a desert racing beast. Suck it up. I have owned BMW's, Audi's and 3 restored Mach ! Mustangs....The Raptor is so much more satisfying and fun to drive than any of them.
My 2010 gets 9.7mpg in the city (I do drive it hard), and it did get 14mpg on long trips on the highway when I first got it 2 years ago, but lately it only eeks out 13.2mpg on the highway... I've never done a single thing to it since I got the truck (well, other than some basic maintenance, brakes, etc), and I put over 60K on it and it's now at 202K. The engine runs so ever slightly rough at times, but generally runs smooth (it's the 5.4 on 87 octane). The truck is dissolving from massive rust though, never seen a vehicle this young rust away so badly in so short of a time.
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