SPV's Behind the Grille Customizable Light Kits are Still IN STOCK no Preorders... We have had them for months in case anyone missed it...

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Supporting Vendor
Jul 15, 2017
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So we have received many requests for options for an Amber light in the Baja Behind the Grille light kits. Of course, others want different combinations too.

Well, with our patented harness system, we have been able to make that not only a reality. But a SIMPLE one.

So first, let me put the link here. Then lets get into the details.

To understand how you can take one of our harnesses and make this work. I will put a video below explaining our crossover adapters-

So now, you can have ONE harness, but separately control 2 pairs of clear and 1 pair of Ambers on a separate switch.

You may or may not even need a relay, but with our system your harness is ready either way-

You can also prep your switches with our Numbered Extensions or simply crimp the included pins on in the harness kit.

You can also pick the combination you want.

The wiring with our system is so straight forward. You will find it easier than any hookups you have ever done.

So to answer some questions people often ask. Yes, they do fit Raptor R.

Yes, you can use other lights such as Diode, Rigid, Etc, though we have only marketed them with Baja up to this point.

Yes, they are IN STOCK without wait.

Yes, you can use 6 Pod lights or dual 10" light bars

Yes, you can buy just the brackets, though we took them off the site as a stand alone item because they were simply selling out too fast. If you want a set, email us a request. Or if you want a different light or configuration, email us the combo you are looking for and we can kit it for you.

With our plug n play harness system, you can put about any combination together you want including multiple light controls and its all plug n play. Including our plug n play marker adapters for backlights.

You can email requests to info @spvparts.com or call or text 317/934/6778

We cant always check messages on here as fast, so email, call or text is best for the quickest response.

Let us know if you have questions!



info @spvparts.com