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Positive customer service from Mikhail with @MandR Automotive

Discussion in 'M and R Automotive' started by Zeke555, Oct 20, 2016.

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    Mar 21, 2015
    Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada
    Like others, I wanted to also give positive feedback for the excellent customer service I received from Mikhail with @MandR Automotive. I recently had the glass cover on my 40" led bar crack into lots of little pieces. Still do not know what caused it tho crack as it was behind my grill and could not find any damage to the glass, like from a small rock or pellet. The light still worked and the glass remained in place. I contact Mikhail and he had me send it back for repair. Today I received a brand new 40" led light bar instead of a repaired one. It was a great surprise to say the least. Very few companies stand behind their products anymore, especially when I was not the original customer that bought the light from them, but a second owner of their product who bought it used from another FRF (@oplersx) member who had barely used them. Keep up the great work and customer service Mikhail. Thank you.
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