Multiple catalytic converter failures in multiple vehicles

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Gary Gere

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Aug 13, 2019
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whitefish Montana
Both catalytic converters have been replaced (under warranty) on 3 vehicles:
- 2018 Ford Explorer Sport 3.5L V6 in February 2023 about 52000 miles
- 2019 F150 Raptor in May 2020 about 9000 miles
- 2022 F150 Raptor in March 2023 about 8000 miles

All 3 vehicles were purchased new from, and have been serviced exclusively by, the same Ford Dealer.

I live in North Western Montana about 30 miles from the Canadian border. I exclusively use ethanol free top-tier fuel. In Montana I use Exxon/Conoco/Cenex 91 octane fuel, in Canada I have used Chevron 91 and Chevron 94 octane fuel. I have never used any fuel additive. No modifications of any kind have been done and they are parked in a heated garage.

Now the 2022 Raptor again threw code p0430 at 14000 miles - both catalytic converters need to be replaced again after only 6000 miles.

They cannot find anything else "wrong" with the truck and are having some expert tech from Ford come out to diagnose "the problem".

Has anyone else had these types of problems with catalytic converter failures?