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Mar 17, 2024
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Bend, Oregon
Finally documenting this build as best I can. But here's my 2018 802A SuperCrew.

Purchased this at the tail end of 2018 after I caught the Raptor bug back in 2017 when I weaseled my way on to Trail of Missions, which is a trip put on by Cameron Steele / Desert Assassins. On that trip I ran my long travel Toyota 4Runner and kept up with the raptors, and as a result absolutely wrecked the bejeezus out of my vehicle in the process. But watching Gen 2 Raptors in their element, driven by some of the best Baja drivers out there (Cameron Steele, Rob MacCachren, Steve Olliges, Greg Foutz, Bobby Pecoy) really gave me the unshakeable urge to get into one of those new Raptors.

A year later, I had the chance to sell that Toyota, which was pretty unique at the time, and get into a 2018 SuperCrew.

Screenshot 2024-04-06 at 1.34.56 PM.png

So where it sits currently as of 2024:

Suspension / Front:
- Foutz Mid-Travel (Fox Factory Race Series 3.0 Coilovers + Fox Factory Race Series 3.0 Bypasses)
- Foutz Upper Control Arms, Foutz Fabricated Spindles, Foutz Fabricated Lower Control Arms
- Foutz Limit Straps, Pocket Kit, Sway Bar, and Billet Tie Rods

Suspension / Rear:
- Foutz 5-Link Cantilever (Fox Factory Race Series 3.0 Rear Bypasses + Fox Factory Race Series 2.5 Piggyback Coilovers)
- Foutz Gen 3 Bump Stop Kit

Bumpers / Armor:
- Modified Add Bolt-on Pro Front Bumper (Modified for a push bar and aluminum chin skid)
- 369 Fab custom high clearance rear bumper
- Foutz Aluminum Belly Skids + Steel Diff Skid

- Cobb Stage 2+ (FMIC, AccessPort, Intake)

- PCI / Kenwood NX5700H 110w VHF Race Radio (Dual Head Dual Deck)
- Kenwood NX5800K2 45w (Dual head Dual Deck)
- Yaesu FTM400 VHF/UHF ham radio
- PCI / Garmin Tread XL Overland
- Weboost Drive Reach Cell Booster
- PCI / Unique Componentry Starlink

Chase Rack:
- SDHQ Chase Rack + Custom Recovery Gear Box (Holds 3x Scepter Fuel Cans)
- Powertank
- Pro Eagle Floor Jack

- Baja Designs 6x XL80 Linkable Array (XL80 Pros + 2x XL80 Lasers) - Front
- Baja Designs 20" ON6 Laser Hybrid - Front
- Baja Designs Squadron Pro Amber Fogs - Front
- Bullet Proof Diesel 3rd Brake Light w/ Baja Designs Rock Lights (Dual Antenna) - Rear
- Baja Designs S8 20" Amber Chase Light (with strobe module) - Rear
- Baja Designs S2 Lights (on the bumper) - Rear

Wheels / Tires:
- Method 105 Beadlocks + BFG 37" KO2's

Probably a bunch of stuff I'm missing but I'll add as I think about it.