Installed - Fog, Driving/Combo, Spot lights - Baja Designs Squadron Pro

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Dec 16, 2016
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You need to aim them much lower if your use case involves using them in a setting where you may encounter oncoming drivers. Once you have the BIG off road lights addressed - The LP / XL class lights, you won’t need the squadrons for the same purpose and frankly a single pair of XL’s will almost completely wash out a complement of 6 squadron pros.

However, if you aim the squadrons lower, like for cornering or fog, they’re still quite usable but not blaring scores of thousands of lumens into the eyes of oncoming drivers.


Supporting Vendor
Supporting Vendor
Jul 15, 2017
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Bought a set of Baja Design Squadron Pro - Wide Cornering-Amber, Driving/Combo, Spot along with mounting brackets, wiring harness and AUX1/Fog relocation harness from @Specialtyperformanceparts.

Wide Cornering to AUX1
Driving Combo to AUX2
Spot to AUX 3

That is how I installed the lights in the mounting bracket from the outside to inside. The AUX1 is much easier for me to use then reaching down and pressing the FOG switch.

TIP - I flipped the base plates AND the lens covers so the BD logo, etc. were orientated UP
TIP - install the BD lights with the correct orientation of the mounting brackets. (see 3rd pic) yeah @*#$ did it wrong initially. caught it when I test fit the mounted lights and discovered the lights were recessed too much.
TIP - Remove the front tire(s). I was too stubborn and it added a lot of time having to remove the bolts with a socket wrench barely able to get my arms in place.
TIP - Once the factory fog lights are removed, I threaded rebar tie wire from the driver side to the passenger side where a couple other wiring looms were run (just behind the grill). I tapped up the connectors with gaffer tape and was able to easily pull them to the driver side.
TIP - I angled the mounting bracket during installation so the top of the BD light housings were as close to the top of the opening as possible. My install had the outside bracket mounted slighly higher then the inside. It is an easy adjustment to fiddle with since the bracket has adjustment grooves for each bolt.

The brace uses a 8mm, the lower bolts and 2 of the upper bolts are 10mm. There are 2 T-30 on the top that hold the light assembly. These are a PITA to remove and one of mine was stripped. The mounting bracket only requires 4 bolts plus re-attaching the brace so I tossed the T-30s.

Think they look great. Plan to get some black weatherproof tape to wrap the connectors so they can't be seen when looking down into the space just in front of the lights. Will test performance tomorrow night.

John @Specialtyperformanceparts was available to answer a couple question via phone. Great support from him

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They Do look great! Thanks for your business! Let us know if you need anything at all!