Climate control auto fan speed

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Jan 1, 2024
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South Florida
Hot day, truck sitting in sun for a while. Controls set to a/c on, fan speed limit is in high, temp set to 62 -- a/c is not blowing max air. If i tap the manual fan speed button "up" it appears the fan was on 4 or 5, not 7 (max).

I do not recall this happening last summer.

Am I off here?
Late to the conversation here, but for what it’s worth, I’ve found that the Auto setting will alter the fan speed based on the temperature you set. For example, I have mine set to the Auto Low setting and 70 temperature synced most of the time, but if I turn the temperature knob all the way down to LO, it will increase the fan speed even in that Low Auto setting.

You mentioned you have it set at 62, maybe if you set it at LO it will give you that extra fan speed you want?

Also, the Max A/C button is your friend. You never have to be adjusting your settings when you get on the truck. Just press that button and let the cabin cool off to what you feel is good, then press the button again and it’ll return back to the settings you previously had.

I live in Florida and it’s what I do all the time. Works like a charm.