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  • I guess my main concern is that i have heard from someone else that installed the KINGS coil overs that the ride is much more stiff up front compared to stock. Do you notice that? Im pulling the trigger today and still don’t know which way to go. I drive exclusively on unmaintained country roads going 65mph with potholes and the whole 9 yards. I don’t want the KINGS if every bump is going to be translated into shaking in their cab because of the increased “stiffness” hope this makes sense? Any insight into this?
    I went with Kings because they're a true 3.0 and now that they make an Internal Bypass shock, it was a no brainier. Both coilovers (King and Fox) have the ability to tune the compression to suit your ride preferences. My issue with the stockers is that they were a little too soft offroad. I take people's feedback with a grain of salt when they compare ride quality. I've run Foxes for years and will be giving my honest take on the Kings very soon.
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