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  • Hello, awesome bumper and pics on your rig. A few questions if you don’t mind.

    How is the finish holding up?

    Any issues with the 360 camera system and the bumper?

    Thank you in advance.
    Hey @Raptizzle I'm talking to SVC about swapping my Eibachs for the CAS and bumping to 0 offset methods with 37" Ko2's as you did. What's the reality with rubbing on 37's and 0 offset wheels? I really don't want to lose any of the utility of the truck just for looks but you seemed to be hammering harder than I ever would. What's the full reality? Did you have them do the 37" mod before you shot that video?
    Raptizzle! I was scanning through your post and recognized your pic from the SVC website. SO clean and I want the same bumper and set up as you have. How are you liking the bumper and IC? Can you fit lights behind the grill or is the IC in the way? I will continue reading more of your post so you don’t have to repeat answers. I’m also located in so cal, San Diego area.
    Hi Raptizzle

    Below is one of your statement on the gen 2 driving mode

    There were times where I would stand on the throttle for a good 3 seconds before any power distribution made its way to the wheels.
    And my question to you is
    Coming from a Prerunner and UTV background and driving I really could not understand why do I loose power in some areas being in Baja mode and how did you get around it.
    What made you go for the KINGS? I am supposed to order either the FOX’s or The KINGS by Friday and have done a ton of research on both. I’ve heard the KING ride a bit more stiff than stock and conversely have heard that the FOX’s ride Softer than stock “Cadillac “ like.
    I was thinking about it, if you want to borrow my
    Chase rack for a few days or a week for a surf trip I have no problem pulling it out and letting you come over and pick it up

    Just realized the other day there was a supporting member lounge. Any way I could get the password to get into the party?

    Really interested in your new 37" shoes. I have been leaning toward running the same setup. any advice? what all did you have to modify?
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