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GEN 1 Chose 325 60R20 +18 offset 20x9 wheels.

Discussion in 'Ford Raptor Aftermarket Wheels [GEN 1]' started by CaptBridgeport, Jan 17, 2020.

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    Jan 6, 2020
    Keller, TX
    I researched a ton as it was hard to find simple confirmed fits with pics for a truck set to mid perch. I read somewhere, one instance of someone saying stick with 18 to 20 offset (but I could never find it again), but I did. I read a ton on this site that says stay away from 325 60R20, but I ignored them as I found a youtube video of it done. So I decided on KMC Mammoth wheels +18 offset 20 x 9 inch rims from TireRack at $362. And decided on 325/60r20 falken wildpeak at3w for $373 from my local small tire shop. Below is the after pic. No rubbing not even close, rides the same, quiet, quicker steering response, wheels barely extend out wheel wells, and truck looks so much nicer with the taller wider tires and wheels. I was a bit worried, and was thinking of the nitto exo grappler (35.6 tall), but went with the 35.35 tall falkens. I was also considering the KMC Clamp +18 offset 20x9. There are also many +20 offset aftermarket wheels that would have worked nicely. Hope this helps readers that want bigger tires and have only set their truck on mid perch. I don't plan on jumping or doing any sort of fast off road racing.


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