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  • Hello Nick. Just read your post about the Vossen HFX-1 wheels you put on the truck. Do you have any pics of them on the truck. I really like them but I’m afraid they won’t look concave enough. I’m thinking about 20x10 or 22x10 but, I don’t want them sticking out passed the fender too much.
    Hey Nick! Looking for what deals/ packages offered for the svc bolt on bumper for a 21/ gen3 raptor.
    Hi Nick, I'm interested in the B&M magnum shifter for my soon to be delivered 2011 raptor. The chrome is peeling on mine and I think it would look good as a replacement. Do you offer any sort of discount for FRF members? Thanks. gusser
    Nick, what's the current price on the Venomrex 602 17x9 12mm offset? Do you have the bronze in stock?

    I have a 6.2 L V8 raptor 2012. It has long starts and can’t figure out why new fuel pump new fuel pump modulator new purge valve and the purge valve is making a ticking noise and it is the second brand new one and it does it when the truck has ran, it warmed up.
    HI Nick. I’m towing a fairly heavy trailer with my ‘20. I have Eibach’s up front and factory leafs in the rear with a noticable rear sag unloaded. My goal would to be install Deaver +3” HD’s along with an adjustable bump stop system that can be modified for towing and nontowing situations. I have found the springs on your website. Can you recommend the best bump stop option?
    Hey Nick, Is it possible to get a copy of the install instructions for the E&G Console Vault for a GEN2. I can't find a soft copy anywhere online. Thanks, Mario
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