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Apr 3, 2011
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Mar 18, 2019 at 7:42 AM
    1. creed
      I'm about to pull trigger and get a set of Black 601's for my '19 Magnetic, found a deal from a vendor. I was curious as to which brands, type, size lug nut and wheel locks do you use with your wheels? I've always used Gorilla Wheel Locks on my cars but I'm new to the truck world and would appreciate some guidance. Thanks
      1. Nick@Apollo-Optics
        [email protected]
        Hey creed, just sent you a PM!
        Mar 6, 2019
    2. pigwet
      Somehow I missed this - is the sale really over? Do you have any images of the 17? 602s tungsten or bronze on a lead foot?
      1. Nick@Apollo-Optics
        [email protected]
        Unfortunately, the sale has ended. But I did just reply to your email with the pictures you requested! Please let me know if we can help!
        Feb 5, 2019
    3. jeff1889
      Hi Nick, Do you guys sell EIbach springs? I am interested in new wheels for my Raptor and want the springs too.
      Thank you,
      1. Nick@Apollo-Optics
        [email protected]
        Hi Jeff, yes we do! Just sent you a PM!
        Jan 29, 2019
    4. Ski4Ever
      Hi Nick, I'm wondering if I could get a price on a BAK Revolver X4 shipped to 80031 for my '19 Raptor. Thanks a bunch!
      1. Nick@Apollo-Optics
        [email protected]
        Just sent you a PM!
        Jan 23, 2019
    5. harkco
      Is this something you sell on your site? The "BajaMod" bracket?

      "Nice work on the bracket! Felt the same way with our Shop Truck...wanted to keep the S8 bar and be able to relocate ACC. We offer the BajaMod bracket for this purpose."
      1. Nick@Apollo-Optics
        [email protected]
        Not on the site as of yet, but we'd be happy to help put a package together for you with one!
        Jan 23, 2019
    6. 96redvettelt4
      The kooks catted down pipes... are these 200 or 400 cel?
    7. Dutch19
      Hi Nick,

      Can you send me
      Your best Price On a Retrax Pro XR for my ‘18 raptor
      Shipped to 89012. Thanks!
    8. Raptorhigh
      nick, you guys have a location in houston? iam local would like to have you guys done some work for me.
    9. Westcoast_818
      Hey nick, can you quote me a price on the rigid 41610 triple fog light kit?
    10. Apex Ace
      Apex Ace
      Nick..... tell me more about the special pricing on the Alcon Brakes for my 2018 Raptor.
      Thanks! Dave
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    June 2
    Houston, TX
    Ford SVT Raptor:
    2018 SuperCrew
    3.5L EB
    Raptor Factory Options:
    • Luxury Package
    • Power Moonroof
    • Stowable Bed Extender
    • Tailgate Step
    • 802A Equipment Package (2017+)
    • Carbon Fiber Interior (2017)
    • Tailgate Applique (2017+)