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    I had a Raptor ADD stealth winch bumper installed by a local shop. Bumper looks great, but I noticed 2 mounting holes on the bumper that's not in the frame. One on each side. It appears that the ADD intended on having the hole drilled. Actually one hole has white marker as though you the shop were intending on drilling it out. Just don't want to pull the bumper off while using the winch. Probably not literally, but I want it to structurally sound. I would like to know if anyone with this bumper had to drill holes?

    Also the tow hooks are practically useless currently. I had to put washers on one side just to hook my winch. Any ideas how to move them down and forward? Already got my own ideas, but gladly take input.

    Outlaw's claim to fame with their bumpers is dual mounting locations both in the frame horns and the lower subframe. I'm contemplating adding lower fame support. Do you think this would be beneficial?


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