Towing with an aftermarket rear bumper.

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Jul 16, 2017
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Marietta, Ga
I’m late to ask this question as I’ve already installed the Evil MFG rear bumper. Part of this install is to remove the lowest of the three factory mounting holes so the bumper is only secured using two bolts per side. During the install, I noticed there appeared to be revisions to the bumper that would allow you to add two additional bolts to secure the bumper to the frame (one on each side), however, those holes did not line up. I sent photos to Doug Parks with Evil and he agreed the bumper was not built to their specs and is currently working on building a replacement bumper.

On the Evil bumper, the license plate is mounted using the hitch, which I’m not particularly a fan of since I have to remove the license plate to use my bike rack or need to tow my track car. On Monday, I had an itch and decided to order the SVC Baja rear bumper since the license plate is mounted off to the side. As I was talking to SVC about the bumper, they also remove the lowest bolt hole from the frame and use only four bolts to mount the bumper. They claim they haven’t had any issues with towing but this whole thing makes me wonder, are these bumpers as strong as the OEM bumper/hitch?

I have an aluminum trailer I use to tow my track car to events and now I’m questioning if the aftermarket bumper is as strong as the factory? I certainly don’t want to look in my review mirror to see my trailer/car veering off the road because the bumper failed. Yes, I know these trucks aren’t built to tow like a Super Duty however, I only tow 3-4 times a year which isn’t enough for me to justify the expense of buying a second truck.

For those that tow with an aftermarket bumper, what has your experience been like? Any concerns or am I just over thinking it?
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Jan 24, 2024
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I know someone that built his own and he would tow insane amounts with it. When he eventually took it off it was a little warped but it held up.


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Dec 29, 2023
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I would highly doubt any of the aftermarket bumpers would be rated at a Class 4 hitch...

Good enough to pull what your have? Maybe. Depends on what you have.

I'd personally NEVER trust an aftermarket bumper with only four side load bolts to pull my 2 axle 10k hauler and built heavy Jeep. With a Raptor is a different story.