And so it begins......

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Sep 6, 2022
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Today the truck ended at the dealership. I have a 2023 35 package which I put 37s on. The truck has 2500 miles on it and has not even seen dirt. Today I loaded the truck and intended on driving to Georgia from Florida for hunting camp. I merged onto the interstate and began to hear a loud noise. Thinking it was the propane tank in the bed, I got out and re-secured it. Entered the truck and was advised by my father the truck popped up a warning "Check 4x4" and "Service vehicle soon". Thinking nothing of it, I restarted the truck and began to drive. The noise I could now hear from the front of the truck and it sounded like my hubs were trying to lock. I could not access any driving mode, 4x4, or adjust anything as far as the suspension, exhaust or steering.

I disconnected the battery and attempted to let it sit for awhile. I checked all the fuses and verified they were all secure. Nothing worked.

I do drive the truck occasionally in 4A when we have heavy rains but other than that, the truck has not seen 4H or 4L and has only been in sport and normal driving modes.

I have read in previous years some of the truck had issues with the hubs, but haven't found anything on the Gen 3's with this issue.

Was wondering if anyone had any insight. It is obviously at the dealership under warranty, but just looking out for possible solutions.


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Apr 2, 2023
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I’ll be interested to know the outcome. We have a white 23 with about 1500 miles on it. Will have 37’s by end of this week or next, soon as I get time to take it in to get the tires mounted. Planning to go to Nashville next month. I’d be pretty upset to get stranded with a new truck.