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AMSOIL Preferred Customers SAVE!

Discussion in 'Freedom Motorsports' started by [email protected], Oct 12, 2012.

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    Oct 4, 2012
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    AMSOIL Preferred Customers SAVE Up To 25-30%

    AMSOIL Preferred Customers SAVE up to 25-30% on everything by ordering factory direct! Today’s rising costs of petroleum products in general has caused many to rethink their vehicle maintenance practices. With purchases of new vehicles declining in favor of maintaining and repairing vehicles they already own, folks everywhere are looking to make their dollars go a lot farther.

    Regular maintenance is the lifeblood of any vehicle whether it be a car, diesel pick up, ATV, snowmobile, motorcycle or boat. Making the vehicles we own last longer, run better and more efficient is the key to saving money for the long term. The number one way to ensure that this happens is to make the switch to AMSOIL. Offering synthetic lubricants and filters, AMSOIL has the right products to maintain your vehicles and ensure better wear protection, mileage increases, lower annual maintenance costs and piece of mind.

    AMSOIL has been the leader in synthetic lubricant manufacturing for over 33 years and continues to lead the way in the synthetic lubrication industry. Offering synthetic lubricants and filters for everything from old school muscle cars, motorcycles, atvs, heavy equipment, road and farm tractors, hydraulic equipment, and diesel light trucks.

    AMSOIL also offers a unique opportunity for the individual as well in their Preferred Customer Program. By joining the AMSOIL Preferred Customer Program, customers have the ability to purchase their synthetic lubricant and filters online factory direct at up to 25-30% off of retail pricing. The AMSOIL Preferred Customer Program is recommended for individuals who would like to provide the best protection they can get for their vehicles and saving money by doing so. AMSOIL Preferred Customers not only save with wholesale pricing, they also save overall when they take advantage of the Warranted 3X OEM drain intervals on most AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants available.

    The AMSOIL Preferred Customer Zone provides unique features such as the “My Garage” application that allows Preferred Customers to keep up with the regular maintenance on each vehicle in their fleet. With email notifications, user defined maintenance schedule parameters, updates and notifications; the AMSOIL Preferred Customer Program is the right choice for the individual that wants to save money on all aspects of their regular vehicle maintenance.

    The cost involved in the AMSOIL Preferred Customer Program is $20 annually, but you can test drive the membership with the 6-month trial membership for $10.

    Click Here To Take Immediate Advantage Of The Savings!

    Click Here To Browse The Latest AMSOIL Online Catalog

    If you have any questions, please feel free to EMAIL ME or post them below!


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    It also should be noted that if you already have an account with Amsoil I can't save you any more than you are already saving. That is one of the great things about this membership, for individuals, getting the same pricing as full Dealers and being able to order directly from their site and get the savings, it works out really well.
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